Christopher Peterson Reviews - Christopher Peterson Scam or Legit

Lance –

Victim Location 34601

Total money lost $100

Type of a scam Other


My name is M.W. Yesterday 12/09/2015 I went online looking for a Siberian Husky. And Found one I really liked I texted This number . 240-384-9178 And got a man claiming to be Christopher Peterson From Maryland, Pasadena. He let me know that I would need to send 100$ over money gram and that the other 150$ I could send my next pay check. So I had my boyfriend take me down to the Walt-Mart here in town. And he gave me this information to send this money to his daughter. Cameroon the state is Bemenda City Mankon Zip 00237 and then his daughters Name:Timah Blanche Eyah. He gave me this email address when he sent me the flight details <[email protected]> with the flight information on the inside this is the pngage it came to I then tried to call the company and it rang then said the GOOGLE subscriber you are trying to call is unavailable at this time please leave a message after the tone. I then texted the guy back this morning who texted me asking me to have the information changed and have it sent to the states straight to him he gave me this information Name: Christopher Peterson State Maryland City: Pasadena Zip Code 21122. Once he did that He would not answer my text. I let him know that when I received the Puppy I then would wait until my boyfriend got home to take me to Walt-Mart. I also called Money Gram and ask them If i could get my money back because nobody had picked up the 100$ and never received the money. But I talked to this Christopher Peterson and he spoke pretty good engilsh I was Blinded by the US telephone number and the way he spoke to me. </[email protected]>

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