Champion Pembroke Welsh Corgis Home Reviews - Champion Pembroke Welsh Corgis Home Scam or Legit

Monique – Feb 13, 2021

Champion Pembroke welsh corgis puppies site is a scam. They ask for western Union payment, saying the cost to ship is included in price 750.00
Then when it gets to shipping facilities, they contact you saying you need to rent a crate for 1650.00 and you get that back when your pet arrives. They won’t take a credit card for payment. Wanted debit or western Union. Located in Florida.

Monique –

Victim Location 76634

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I located this website through Google after extensive search into purchasing a Welsh Corgi puppy. The website seemed legit, however a "too good to be true" moment was seen. The website was advertising they had puppies for sale but the price of their puppies was much lower than most breeders that I had seen on other websites. Being sceptical but somewhat curious, I submitted a request for contact on their website inquiring about a few of their puppies they had listed. I received an email later with a lengthy response stating they were happy for my inquiry (imagine that). They wanted more information about previous experience with the breed of dog, home life, etc. before they were "willing to sell the dog". I answered their questions, but I had questions in return. I had once a long time ago been scammed before when trying to purchase a dog online. I asked how they could guarantee I would not be scammed and they responded with "once you send us the money, we will ship the dog to you." I replied and stated they did not answer my question and asked again how I could prevent the transaction from becoming a scam and possibly send funds with a hold until I received the dog. Their next response was "Go to our website on testimonies you’ll see people testifying who have bought dogs from us". I looked on their website and did not locate what they were implying. I then asked for the name of the breeder and the vet clinic they claimed they send their animals to for treatment. I never got a response back. Do your research and ask as many questions as you can. Ask what the name of the breeder is and what veterinary clinic they take their dogs. If they give you the information, research the vet clinic and call them to confirm if they are legitimate. If not, then it’s a scam.

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