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Micah –

Victim Location 15949

Type of a scam Debt Collections

I have received several phone calls from the number 1-877-880-0325 at my place of work (doctor’s office). They ask for me by first name and say it’s regarding a private business matter. When I call back they won’t identify themselves. Finally today I asked what last name they had on file for me and the gave me a incorrect name as well as an incorrect last four digits of a social sec. number. I said that that was not my info. Today they did claim that they were calling on behalf of a pay day loan co. that that they are trying to collect on. I said I have not taken out a pay day loan. They also gave me a different number that they have been calling when getting to my work number. I said I was not familiar with that number but are reaching a doctor’s office in error. I spoke with a Mr. Davis and also A Landa Rivera (who he claims is his secretary). They claim they will stop calling me at my work number. I’ll believe it when I see it. I feel that they are a scam and I told them that. I have reported them to the Attorney General’s office as well. If you can investigate them I would greatly appreciate it. I think there is something definitely shady going on there.

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