Budweiser Agent Reviews - Budweiser Agent Scam or Legit

Lydia –

Victim Location 70586

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

First is emails stating they are Budweiser agents need you for them to place their advertisement on your vehicle and they will pay to place the wrap advertisement and pay you 500 dollar weekly. Then you have to text your mailing address phone number email to them. Nextyou get the check from them you have to text them then u receive a check delivered by fed x. There’s a letter and a check inside to text that number then you receive information to throw that letter away and go deposit that check and immediately send them a copy of your bank receipt to them showing it was deposited text it to that phone number on that letter and you will receive the 6200 dollar in 24 hours when the check clears. They stole all this company information. And if you deposit this check it is fraud But also if you send those people a picture copy of the account you deposited that check in they will have all your banking information and they will rob all of your money out your account because if you do what they say send them a picture of that deposit receipt all your banking information is on that. I also have emails from them telling me everything to do and I wish I could send you that also cause they make you think you are doing advertising for them on your vehicle. This has to be stopped they will rob people bank account empty

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