Bruce Lewis Reviews - Bruce Lewis Scam or Legit

Allen –

Victim Location 97504

Type of a scam Government Grant

I was contacted via Facebook Messenger using the identity of a close friend (I found out they had hacked into her Facebook account and warned her). The message said her phone is out for repair and that she got $175,000 and saw my name on the list of eligible recipients. She gave me Bruce Lewis’ name and phone number m, said he is the agent that will help me and is very nice. So I did without double-checking because she is a trusted friend. Texted Bruce and was asked to provide my name, age, home address and monthly income, asked if I owned or rented. No social security number request or anything Thank God. Afterwards I found out from Bruce that I can request any amount up to 500,000. But there was a catch – I had to send 1% of that money via western union to a contact named Lisa *** in Milwaukee and that Bruce would send me my money via fedex as soon as I text him a receipt from western union. I had asked for 200,000 and was requested to send them 2000. Thankfully I had the presence of mind to call my friend on her phone (which was working by the way) and check with her, found out it’s a scam since she had no knowledge of such thing, so I decided to report this to you as a scam. I told Bruce this morning I can’t get the money together so he would leave me alone.

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