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Luis –

Victim Location 90808

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I was looking for a specific cat and I found this person on the Recycler. I inquired about the cat and he said it was available for $400.00 He asked for Wal Mart gift cards and said it was easier than using my bank information. We agreed to $200 initially then the rest when the cat was delivered. He never said I had to pick it up; but after I sent my first gift card, he informed me that I needed to give him 350 for a cat carrier which is used to transport the animal. I said that wasn’t part of the agreement. He already had my two hundred dollars and giving an additional $350 on top of the $200 was not acceptable. He then asked me to send him a $200 WalMart gift card so he could buy the carrier at Wal Mart and when the $350 was returned by the carriers, I could reimburse him. I agreed to that (reluctantly) and sent another gift card. He then called me and said that this card had been declined unlike the first one. I told him that I was going to WAl Mart to check on this. When I was at Wal Mart, they could only tell me that the card had been declined due to "suspicious" activity and some part of the money of that card was already used before the card was declined. I immediately reported this to him and I told him he needs to return my money he spent or give me the cat. He has not responded, and my concern was that despite his name "Hooks Moore" his voice was middle eastern and he shared the message he received from his contact that the card wasn’t working. It was very concerning

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