bibi_8593 Reviews - bibi_8593 Scam or Legit

Margaret –

Victim Location 19726

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I listed a leather jacket on EBay that was ultimately purchased by user j***76 for $88.11. She paid me via PayPal on Sunday 9/13/19. Shortly after I received the PayPal payment, I was contacted via EBay by a user bibi_8593 stating that they had just won the auction and asked several clarifying questions about the size. After that, I received a message that said: "Hi! I just bought this jacket from you. This is a birthday gift for my daughter. I have already sent payment but i forgot to change the address on my account. Sorry for bothering and please send it on her address. Thank you!" The address they provided was: Ana ***, 8 McCullough Drive, U164485, New Castle, DE, 19726.

After USPS tracking documented the delivery of the package, I was contacted by the actual buyer j***76 asking why I had shipped it to Delaware. It was at this point I connected the dots and realized I had been the victim of a scam. I have been researching this and the address is for a packaging forwarding company called USA2GEORGIA. Multiple people have been victims of the same scam.

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