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Anker Jackson Reviews, Check Anker Jackson Scam or Legit
Linda –

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

listed furniture on Kijiji and had a weird text with a follow up email. After some communication, which was unusual in the context I decided to google them. There is a Scam already up with the same information and the exact same information and story – will pay me $100 more than asking price, sight unseen and he wanted my address and full name and phone numbers and he would send me a certified bank draft…who does that anyway…good thing I’m a bit paranoid and good that he other guy posted his story, which is identical but he actually went further. I don’t need to go further because of his story. Some people probably fall for this.

Natalie –

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Listed several pieces of furniture on Kijiji to sell on my mother’s behalf. Received a message on Kijiji stating her "Uncle" was interested and could I please contact him via e-mail. His e-mail address identified him as Anker Jackson

He responded indicating he was interested and would pay me $100 over asking price to seal the deal and he would be sending me a bank draft and please accept this deal as concluded and remove it from the listing. He was out of town and had other items being moved so he would arrange for the movers to pick up the item once the bank draft had been cashed. I did suggest an e-transfer would be simpler to manage. He then indicated his "secretary" was cutting the cheque. Received a "worldwide Canadian Dollars Draft" in the mail, with no covering memo, message or notation. The envelop’s return address was as listed on this report. We googled the business but the address did not match the google information.

I e-mails to indicate the bank draft was received and asked for the mover’s contact information (yes at this point I thought this might still be legitimate) and was asked to cash it and deposit the funds for the movers at a bitcoin machine near me (he provided me with two locations) , using the barcode attached to the e-mail. The barcode was not visible, so I contacted him back asking for the name of the moving company for me to call and advising the barcode was not visible so bitcoin deposit was not feasible.

I then googled the name and was brought to a "Scam" site with a similar story. Having read your warnings on selling items online, this appears like a scam. I’ll cease communications with the party but wonder if any further action should be taken with the bank draft?

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