Andrew Cibor

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Shane –

Victim Location 23320

Total money lost $300

Type of a scam Romance

I think a man who is calling himself “Andrew Cibor” is scamming my 70 year old mother. She met him on eharmony. She hasn’t met him yet and it’s been several months since they’ve been chatting on the phone. He has not facetime her for whatever excuse. He says he is a 67 years old widower. His wife died 6 years ago. He would have been married 40years this year. He says he is from Poland but for the last six years has resided in Maryland. He says he works for IKEA and has recently traveled to Egypt on business. He said he is with two business men. He asked my mother to put $100 on three iTunes gift cards each because him and his colleagues could not get internet on the three iphone 7’s that he claimed he bought before he left for Egypt (but didn’t open). I emailed him to ask him what he needed them for, that iTunes cards serve for entertainment. He wrote me back quickly. He has terrible grammar (no commas or periods) and called me his beautiful daughter and quoted Scripture in the middle of a run on sentence. It was weird. He said “may God have mercy on him if he is a scammer.” He said he only needed the iTunes cards for music but he told my mother he needed them to get the iPhones connected to the internet. I asked him not to ask my mother for anything else. They are still talking. She likes him a lot but he keeps dragging her along. I’m not sure what else to do.

He tells her that he has two older children. A son and a daughter. His son is in the ARMY serving in Afghanistan right now and is apparently talking now over email with my mother. I don’t know why.

Andrew keeps telling my mother he will come and see her soon but he keeps making excuses. I have tried to google him on every social media site known to man and nothing comes up.

I plan on contacting the authorities soon. I just wanted to send this first and see what I can find before I take that step. Thank you for your time.

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