Amor Shih Tzu Puppies

Amor Shih Tzu Puppies Reviews, Check Amor Shih Tzu Puppies Scam or Legit
Katrina –

Victim Location 22079

Total money lost $600

Type of a scam Online Purchase

On 11 April 2019, $600.00 was sent via *** to Olivia and Stephen Johnson for the purchase of Milo, a black and white Shih Tzu pup. Upon receipt of payment, the website was deactivated and I attempted to contact them telephonically but to no avail. During the week of 29 April 2019, I was perusing the internet for a replacement Shih Tzu pup when I discovered that they created a new website ( I sent an email inquiry on or about 30 April 2019 to find out if they had any male pups still available for adoption, of which they informed me that they do. This time however, the cost of the pup was $650. This was when I informed them via email correspondence that I’ve already paid $600 for the purchase of Milo and so I was only trying to obtain the status as to when I can receive the pup. Originally, I requested that they kept the pup until June 2019 of which they agreed to, at no additional cost. However when I was unable to establish contact with them, I requested a new delivery date. I requested that they deliver the pup on 4/5 May. Several emails were exchanged before I finally received what I thought was final confirmation that I will be in receipt of the pup. On 7 May 2019, I received an email with instructions to include a tracking number. They were several red flags in this transmittal. Now the names of the breeders were Olivia and Adonis Johnson. The mailing address remained the same but the phone number was changed to (915)243-1134. There were several email addresses given to me: [email protected]; [email protected] and now [email protected] The next red flag came when I observed in the comment section that "Urgent 100% refundable ventilation crate fee of $900 required before delivery." However, after reviewing my invoice receipt dated 11 April 2019, it stated that "All-inclusive in the $600 is flight ticket, paperwork, and airline approved dog carrier." Therefore, I was a bit leary in sending them any additional funds. Therefore, I opted to notify the appropriate organization(s) to report a potential internet fraud. I have also contacted my bank *** in hopes of obtaining a credit for payment of missing merchandise. The original payment of $600.00 was sent using the following email address: ***. However, in the new email correspondence, the instruction stipulated that I sent the money using *** to *** and that "Henri" would take care of the crate. The intended carrier would have been Intercontinental Freight Shippers at (800)784-4203. On their website, it stated that they were open 24/7 but I think that this site is also fictitious as I was unable to get in touch with anyone. The tracking number provided was ***. Again, I believe that all of this information is false.

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