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Nancy –

Victim Location 24333

Type of a scam Tech Support

A message came up on my computer saying that my computer had been hacked. If I closed this message without calling them that my computer would be cut off! I called and spent 3 and 1/2 hours on the phone with Tech technicians. The last one was supposed to have been an expert!!! Wanted to know if I had a Security program. I didn’t at that time. He wanted to know what program had I had. I told him Avast. He said this took care o the minor security problems but did not take care of hackers. He told me that they had one that cost: one for 1 year at $299.95, one for $499.95 (not sure how many years, I think 3 years), and a life-time one for $699.95. Stupid me took the lifetime one. They took my bank account #. They didn’t ask my bank routing #? I also gave them my home phone # and cell phone # and wanted to know if my phone was a Smart Phone and if my husband had one and if his was a Smart Phone. My husband had got of bed and was too happy that I done this. About one half later I called the company back. The technician gave me his # if we should get disconnect (1-844-313-4983). I tried this # first and couldn’t get a good connection. I then called the business phone #. Also gave him my e-mail address. The Technician that helped me answered. The connection wasn’t good either but he finally understood that I wanted to cancel the security that I had ordered. He said he would call me back that morning. I called 3:00 AM Friday morning. He never called me. I called my bank and stopped payment on my check. Now I am worried he will use my bank account. Thinking about getting new bank account # and new phone #s. I plan to go to bank and put an additional 100 day stop payment! Not sure what to do?

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