American Recovery Reimbursement Reviews - American Recovery Reimbursement Scam or Legit

Jason –

Victim Location 38801

Type of a scam Government Grant

I received a call that showed in my caller ID to be from WashingtonDC. The man stated that I had been selected to receive a 9,000 government grant through the American Recovery Reimbursement Act. He stated that I could choose one of three ways to receine the money 1) western union 2) money gram or 3) direct deposit into my bank account. He gave me a 6 digit code and a phone number for his "financial manager" with a bank in New York that held the funds. He stated that he would walk me through the process of getting the money released. Knowing this was a scam I did not call the number but did a Google search for this type of scam. There are several YouTube video available to watch so you can see how this scam works. What it boils down to us they want you to buy a prepaid card for 200.00 in order to get the funds released that will be refunded to you with the grant money making the total 9200.00. We all know what would happen to the 200.00 if I had completed this scam.

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