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Arthur –

Victim Location 07869

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I was looking to purchase a Siberian Husky puppy online from a breeder.

I found this site All Star Huskies through another site which I can’t remember the name.

Once they contacted me and answered a question I felt a red flag.

I was also a little concerned about the cost which was low with free shipping -another red flag.( very happy that it was so low but looking at countless sites it was almost too good to be true) Regardless, I decided to ask another breeder from the AKC of Abilene if they were familiar with this breeder. She was wonderful.

She never heard of them but rearched the name and looked at the website.

She gave me some pointers that concerned her. Meanwhile they sent me instructions on how to pay for the puppy. They wanted me to wire the money from Western Union. To a Thomas Marlony. Neither I or the woman who was helping me could find anyone by that name anywhere in the Country or Facebook. I found that the address used was a house purchased a year ago and was listed on Zillow as sold but all details still available.

He is willing to call me, and did send me a few more pictures of the puppy.

But when I finally found your site BBB, I found several people who were scammed by an online Yorkie breeder which sounded almost identical to my situation, from the $500 price to the free shipping and wiring money.

Luckily I put the pieces together before purchasing the puppy. He is still waiting for me to tell him when to call me. Obviously I no longer want to speak to him.

I’m heart broken but not out of money.

Below is a portion of the email I received. It was 2 pages but I could only enter one.

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