All Pro Tech OU EUR

All Pro Tech OU EUR Reviews, Check All Pro Tech OU EUR Scam or Legit
Dustin –

Victim Location 10001

Total money lost $11,500

Type of a scam Investment

This website is fake and complete scam. I wanted to earn money from internet and then registered to that website. First I invested 250€ to start this thing they told me that amount is too small and they forced me to take loan from bank. I invested more 1906€ but they added to my account only 1800€. Then I haded on my account 2050€. So now they "show" me how this is working. First they opened and closed trades by using AnyDesk app. And then they lose about 100€. So After that they opened one more trade and let me wait for couple of hours. Then they show me profit about 600€ and got me on line. I was very blind and happy that now I could earn very good money. Then they asked me to add more money I was not able to get anymore loan from bank I asked my wife into it. Because I belived that thing is right and did not worry about anything. Then they made also like offer when I get 10000€ into my account they add also 5000€. We did get loan from bank amount 8300€ we invested 8030€ of that money. Balance was then over 10000€ firstly they did not remember about any offering 5000€ and they forced us to take more and more loans. Okey they added to our account that 5000€ and balance got 15000€ now they asked us to get more 15000€ and then they will add extra 20000€ and then balance would be 50 000€. We did not want to get any more loans and trusted that they could earn also money with this 15 000€. Nothing happened for a week time and then we said we want to leave and take our invested money out only that 10080€ without any profits or bonuses. They refused and told we need to do more contracts before we could leave. Okey we did say we will do contracts if we don’t lose any of our invested money they promised that we wont lose anything. So they just opened us Trades and put all money to one bad investment and lose all money we had on account. We forced them to pay us money back but they sayd only good luck ! Now we are just hoping for help from IC3 or some other organisation.

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