Russell Clark Esq

Colin –

Victim Location 97524

Type of a scam Phishing

I received several emails from this person regarding a will in my name. When I inquired as to what they wanted he was pushy and aggressive. I searched his name on the internet and in fact there is a lawyer by this name (spelled differently). I emailed that address and received a response that in fact they had not sent the email and that they thought it was a scam.

Dear xxxxx I have today drove down to Court for the procurement of the required

legal documents in your name for the proper and official filling of

claim to the bank for the immediate release of the WILL donation to

you as the legal and legitimate beneficiary.

My meeting with the court’s registrar was a successful one as I have

made an official written application in your name for the procurement

of those documents and it was approved. The registrar asked me to come

back by tomorrow Thursday the 23rd Day of March, 2017, to pick it up.

I shall by tomorrow check back at the court and as soon as I get it

ready, I will then take them alongside with the WILL declaration to

the bank for the official filling. Remember, we can not do any thing

unless these legal back up documents are procured.

Note that my service charge has already been paid by late Prof. xxxx xxxxx and your total cooperation is highly needed to enable me

accomplish this humanitarian assignment. Kindly acknowledge receipt

this mail .

Sincerely Yours,

Russell Clarke Esq.

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