Rosenstein Credit Group

Danielle –

Victim Location 76210

Total money lost $487

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

I received a call from Gloria Morin from Rosenstein Credit Group with at the time I thought the answers to my prayers. She told me I was approved for a $3,000.00 loan which I applied for through a lender finder website. I should have known this was a scam when she told me the interest rate would be 8% with my not so great credit score and no collateral. Then it started…The "lender" needed a down payment of $450.00 to release the loan. I barrowed the money right away. Then red flag number 2 showed up but I thought, "I wouldn’t get scammed, that only happens in the movies, right?" I was wrong. They had me wire money via MoneyGram to the"lender" in Canada. Cost of the MoneyGram, $37.00. As soon as this went through, the "lender" said they needed another $450.00 sent the same way and I finally caught on that I was being scammed. I asked for my refund and now my "loan officer" will not take my calls because she doesn’t handle refunds, the "Client Care" department does. I requested my refund and was told it would take 30 business days to get my money back. Then a couple of days later, someone from "Client Care" called to tell me he found a "lender" that would take me on as is but he was maxed out for the month. "Client Care" rep said he would call me on 11-30-16 to process the loan. I called them since no one contacting me on 11-30-16 and we were ready to go as soon as I paid the $250.00 Administration Fee. I laughed and asked for him to process my refund. Here I wait to see if this refund will ever come and I still haven’t been able to payback my payday loan and my poor family couldn’t eat for one week.

Nicole –

Victim Location 39402

Total money lost $413

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

I was contacted by these people and they said I applied for a loan. She told me I could either pay 1000 for insurance, 450.00 for the first 4 payments of the loan or a co signer with a credit score of at least 750. Dumb me wired the money to a Samuel Henderson in Canada. The money was picked up by this said person. She would answer me for a few weeks but now will not answer my phone calls. I have a contract that says I can have a refund but it is not happening. I have consulted with a lawyer and will pay the retainer fee and sue them but would rather not for 450 dollars.

Nina –

Victim Location 02169

Total money lost $974

Type of a scam Credit Repair/Debt Relief

They were going to give me a 5000 dollar loan but they wanted two down payment of 450 and they would give me the loan but then they needed 400 dollars for insurance

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