Rodeo Cosmetics

Erica –

Victim Location 98403

Total money lost $4,800

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I was solicited on Rodeo Drive by a sales person asking me to come into their cosmetic store to see amazing product to make you look younger. I went inside and a lady applied a product that was said to be better than botox. She applied to one of my eyes and the immediate results were indeed visible. At that time they quoted $1600 for this product but said it would last a LIFETIME. She said I only needed to apply it once a week for 3 months and it would be permanent because it was made from stem cells. At this point, I had gotten my credit card out because I was considering this product given the astonishing immediate results. She then said if I had more time there were other products. She had an cosmetic expert apply a mask and used an electronic device ("used by NASA" was the claim). She told me that they could offer device for $6900! I was shocked by the insanely high price and she kept reducing the price until she said that she could offer the device plus all the products for $2900 plus tax. But I had to sign a waiver to allow them to use my photos. At this point, I should have ran away and know better. But honestly, I have very troubled skin and I was astonished with initial results that I had seen and that did not seem to crazy compared to an annual cost of botox. However, because my skin is so troubled, I asked if I could return products and device if I had any reaction. She assured me this was NO problem if I had any reaction. I was then rushed to check out quickly as it was close to their closing time. To make a long story short, when I got back to my hotel room, I discovered TWO receipts, one for $1600 and another for $3200, even though the second lady claimed that the products were INCLUDED in the $3200 charge. Moreover BOTH receipts were stamped with FINAL SALE, NO RETURNS, despite her verbal assurance that I could return products. I then googled the store and found that all sorts of customers had the same experience. The next morning, I went to the store and it was CRAZY. They refused to accept returns and sent me to some third party email to submit a claim (the [email protected]) They claim they video all transactions and interactions with customers and that they would be "reviewing the video" to make sure that their representatives had not made any false claims. Clearly this is a scam to get people to buy their products on emotion because they are insecure about their appearance and desperate to find a solution. Then when you realize it’s a scam, you have no recourse to get your money back. When I went back to the store, sure enough there was a sign in the front that you would never pick up on as a customer – stating that their policy is no returns. I am considering hiring a lawyer, but considering they have a posted policy, they are operating within these loopholes. By the way, the products that they are selling caused a reaction on my skin hours later. The "tightening and firming" effect of the treatment that looked so amazing when I saw it in the store was gone within hours and instead I had hives. The entire deal is a scam.

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