Richters Beautification

Neil –

Victim Location 48288

Type of a scam Home Improvement

They claim they are a landscaping/Lawncare company.Out of the blue I receive a call from them stating that they had performed a service at my investment property which was then being occupied by a tenant.I even checked with the tenant and they were positive that no service was performed at the property.

They are no where close to my property and never heard of them.I infact never used any service at that place in the last 10 yrs as it was the tenant’s responsibility to take care of the yard maintenance.

They tell me that the service was performed long back and they tried emailing me and calling me which is absolutely false

I asked them as to who ordered service and they tell me that it was me and there is no paperwork what so ever or anything in writing that I ordered it.

When I warned them that I would complain they tell me that it is not worth spoiling my credit history for some app $70.

What I could realize from their tone is that they wanted to scare someone with the credit history being ruined and it was better to pay off the $70 they demanded. I clearly mentioned that I don’t mind spending much more fighting this out for the basic principle that I never knew who they were and never ordered the service in the first place.

I warned them and they disappeared only to call me back in a few months and this time they threatened to turn it over to collections. I told them that I would sue them if something had to happen to my credit history.

Yesterday I receive a call from some collection agency and I clearly told them that I don’t owe them any and they shouldn’t be messing around with me and they hung up on me.

I sincerely request you to investigate this company and warn others of this fraudulent scam

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