Revival Beauty

Calvin –

Type of a scam Sweepstakes/Lottery/Prizes

Revival Beauty offers a free sample if you simply pay the shipping, which I did. Then I didn’t receive anything so they charged over $250.00 Candian to my credit card claiming I kept the sample that they never sent me. When I saw my credit card statement I called their customer service line and was offered several different discounts on the product that I never did receive. I finally got them to remove most of the fraudulent charges that they put on my card, but they of course kept the shipping and handling (over 15.00) for a product that they dont even SHIP!! Then I call them for the shipping charges to be credited as well, they tell me they cant so I ask for a tracking number which they DONT HAVE because the company is a complete scam. If they keep $15 from every person they scam, this company is making money on the shipping without sending out a thing!!!!

Paul –

Victim Location 12901

Total money lost $189.97

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Revival Beauty Cream had an internet advertisement for a free trial of their facial creams, paying shipping only. It was NOT clear on their advertisement that unless cancelled within 2 weeks they would charge the credit card for the full price of the trial products (89.99 & 99.98), and ship new products every month, charging full price. Shipping is done by a different company, and no information regarding charges is included in the shipped containers. Contacting them is difficult, as it is difficult to reach a human.

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