Representing Dominion East Ohio Gas and Columbia Gas

Bryce –

Victim Location 44842

Type of a scam Other

Initially, an automated message stating "Our records indicate your Dominion East Ohio gas bill is due a 50% refund, press 1 now to get your refund". I pressed 1, a lady came and asked if I recalled receiving a mailing stating a refund was due but you had to call to request it. I said "no" and she said she was calling to help me with it because I had not called. She said "you need a copy of a gas statement" and said because I wasn’t expecting her call she "had to give me time to locate one". I googled the phone number and Kenneth Goldsboro keeps coming up. While I was pretending to locate a bill, she asked which gas company I was with. I asked her why she didn’t know that already. No answer. I said I was having trouble finding one, she asked me for a date/time she could call back. I said I would call her back and she said she would be "in the field" and that wasn’t possible. I pointed out that the gas companies employee more than one person, she said they would ALL be busy with "customer service". I said scamming is not customer service and hung up the phone. I then called Dominion East Ohio Customer Service and verified that they are not sending letters or calling people with any offers like that.

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