Remodelers Finance Inc.

Pamela –

Victim Location 33865

Type of a scam Home Improvement

Remodelers finance out of Ft Myers, Fl sends people into low income areas offers great deals on home improvements, also tells you that you can have improvements paid off in 7 years and when you agree and sign contract you do not receive a copy due to the fact their copier is down. They also tell you that you have 5 days to decide, but guts shows up in 3 days and start the work before the decision days haven’t been met. they also try to us a cheaper product then what the estimate was made for. And when you finally get the contract it says you have a lien against your house and instead of 7 years it turns into 30 years and you will be paying 3 times the value of your house. Be careful I’ve had to many friends lose their house that was paid for through this company. They call it a Construction Lien. And I didn’t know until 3 months later after demanding a copy of the contract. They wait till job is done before you get your copy of contract.

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