Sharon –

Victim Location 85301

Total money lost $169

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Masquerades as A Dr Oz Chtlristy Brinkley supermodel facial cremes anti aging serums.

Asking $4.95 for delivery charge only for a FREE SAMPLE

OF A anti aging eye creme and additional $9.95 for anti ageing night creme sample.

Attached to an ad with desription containi g words and pictures from Dr Oz And Christy Brinkley supporting their collaborative products for anti age solutions with a you tube film attached a snippet of his show featuring Cristy and Dr Oz promoting this product and Lso a typed addition of the worxs spoken on thr attached film snipper reitterati g Dr Oz show with Christy Brinkley both hyping up the facial product. 2hst comes to thr door is a plain brown shipping box no return address wity 2 generic cheaply packaged products named hydrolica ege zerum and facial cremes and ab solutely NOTHING STATING AN I VOICE DUE IN 2 WEEKS NOTHING SUGGEZTING AN ADDITIONAL. ACCOUNT OPENED OR CHARGES PENDING NOTHING.

THEN CHrges of 89.95 and 79.95 on two consequetive days in thd following month of jan. 2018 show up totally 169.95 removing money unauthorized from my bank account . one using Jolana Beauty Solutions and JBS for the second withdrawl obviously usi g two seperated accounts to witbdraw with two seperate phone numbers attached as to furthur convelude the transactions. CLlee the customer service number attached to tbe bank a cou ts withdrawl and info and was screamee at and offered half the money returned and then when asked about Christy Brinkley and Dr Oz they slammed the phone down and hung up immediately .

Marissa –

Victim Location 32579

Total money lost $180.72

Type of a scam Online Purchase


I am a disabled combat wounded veteran residing in the state of Florida. After trying out their free sample paying only shipping costs of $4.95 for the skin care and $5.87 for the eye serum, I was surprised to find additional charges on my credit after two weeks. The first charge for $89.95 for the skin care and $79.95 for the eye serum. Both are unauthorized charges. I called up the phone number listed on the credit card transaction and told the representative to reverse the charge or I will dispute it with my bank the next day. The tactics of this company is totally unacceptable and the company should be shut down. Who knows how many victims they have had since their operation. I am also going to contact the State Attorneys Office. Tax IDs for this company are: 634325676 and 815081050.

Bobby –

Victim Location 91775

Total money lost $179.90

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I was sent some face cream I do not recall ordering? I sent it back immediately to Rejuvenem? Then I notice two $89.95 charges on my credit card. I called and complained and was told they would not ‘cancel’ my account and I would still receive a shipment each month of cream and be charged. They said I clicked ‘accept’ on their website which I do not recall doing. They then hung up on me? A total scam? They should be in jail.

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