Registered Frenchies

Alex –

Victim Location 95860

Type of a scam Online Purchase

“Christina” advertised a blue French Bulldog puppy on Craigslist in the Modesto, Ca area for $350. I texted her and she responded after several hours. The information she provided seemed to conflict with some of the info on the website, which was only provided after I asked if she had one. She claimed the puppy needed to be rehomed due to small space in a new home they moved to, which turned out to be in Atlanta, Georgia so she couldn’t let me meet the puppy in person before paying for it. After further discussion about how it would work, She said she was a Breeder and ships puppies all the time. I wanted to send the deposit via PayPal, which the website said was accepted, but she insisted I send her son a western union money order instead of sending it to her since “she owed him money anyway.” I wasn’t comfortable with that and said thank you but I will only send money to the seller (her) and so it wouldn’t work. I said I hope she finds her puppy a good home, and she said “*** you time waster… etc.” I’m sure she is a scammer and got mad that I didn’t send the $200 deposit ($400 total) that wouldn’t be tied to the puppy purchase or to her. It was really odd and I believe she was lying. The listed the phone number she was using and a Nebraska address.

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