Regal keto

Sean –

Victim Location 78245

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Late Sunday, September 9 2018, I was readying an article stating how todays episode of shark tank was the most watched episode ever and it was all because of this great weight lose supplement. It goes on to say that all the sharks on the panel took an interest and all took pary in making a deal. The article had a link where you could order your trail bottle, of course I click it. It was for 1 month of Regal Keto and 1 month of Regal Coffee all for $9.97. Before I knew it I I was going to be receiving my bottles on the 15th of this month.

I told my sister and she did the went ahead and made her purchase only hers came out to about $5 more with an extra "trail" bottle. We thought that was weird so we looked further into things. We started comparing our confirmation emails only to find they we from different senders. I went back to the article I read, less than 2 hours earlier, only to see that the date information changed.

The article was now reading that the Monday, September 10th 2018 episode was the most watched ever. By this point I’m like crap, they got us because it’s only 1am in the early Monday morning. The last thing is I searched youtube for reviews of Regal Keto finding a similar product called Purefit Keto. The marketing information was identical in terms of the product highlights(Regal Keto is advertised on the right side of picture included). Once we saw that both of us immediately called our financial institutions and cancel our cards requesting replacements.

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