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Bethany –

Victim Location 11221

Type of a scam Employment

Good Afternoon,

On Saturday, I left you a voicemail regarding the work at home customer service position you inquired about through Craigslist. This e-mail confirms you have been approved for the work at home position with our company rdsolutionsusa.com pending completion of a 10-hour paid training. The training will pay $18/hour. Before your training starts you will receive a 10 to 15-minute video call for your interview.

Our payroll processor will mail you a check to cover the cost of your work equipment. The check will arrive at your address in a USPS Priority/Express Mail envelope this week. Please check your mailbox for it. If your address has changed from the one you submitted, then reply to this e-mail with the updated address. The check will include an advance pay of $180 for your training which you must deduct from the check. Once you receive the check deposit it and withdraw the entire amount when it clears. Once it clears e-mail me and I will provide you with instructions for paying the supplier so your equipment can be shipped.

Your equipment will include a laptop, all-in-one printer and a VoIP phone with headset. The training will start once you receive your equipment and that will arrive by 7/18. Included with your equipment will be a direct deposit and W-4 form. Complete the forms and e-mail it to me for verification before the training starts.

Upon successful completion of the training you will be eligible to receive the following:

Pay Rate: $18.00/hour, plus a year end performance bonus. Pay is weekly by direct deposit.

Full-Time Benefits: After 3 months, you are entitled to: 401(k) plan, 3 weeks paid vacation, 14 days paid sick leave, dental and health.

Part-Time Benefits: After 6 months, you are entitled to: 401(k) plan, 2 weeks paid vacation, 7 days paid sick leave, dental and health.

When you receive your equipment please call me so I can get you started on the training as soon as possible. I can be reached at the number below.

Kevin Rose, Supervisor

347-354-5530 ext. 801

Send a check by USPS mail. Check had NRC, LLC on it. Was supposed to be my training pay plus equipment fee. My bank blocked it. I became suspicious after noticing nobody ever answered the phone. Check was sent from New York bogus building address.

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