Rapid technicians computer repair

Mario –

Victim Location 44056

Type of a scam Tech Support

My computer alerted me that something was wrong and a box popped up of a number I had to call to fix it or otherwise it would stop working. I called and they walked me through what was wrong- my firewall was down- and then took control over my computer and over an hour and half talked me into purchasing a lifetime security protection plan for all my Apple devices- 1399.99. Fortunately I cancelled the check in time. These people never caved in admitting a scam, said they worked for Apple, and to me sounded professional- however they used very generic American names which was a red flag for me because they certainly did not have American accents at all. Looking back I am embarrassed and can not believe I fell for this- at the time I thought I was investing in protection for my devices and my family. I called the Apple store and they said they will never take over your computer- just FYI.

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