Randy Newell Roofing General Construction

Jay –

Victim Location 13207

Total money lost $6,000

Type of a scam Home Improvement

January 1,2019 we experienced high winds which did some minor damage to the small portion of the roof in the way of shingles ripped off roof. My mother contacted a man on 1/2/19 that had done work on the roof about 4 years prior and he agreed to come over the following day to take a look and give an estimate. Steve Vespi and Randy Newell showed up on 1/3/19 and gave my mother a written estimate of $1670 to remove and replace shingles and to haul all debris away. My mother agreed and gave them a check for $1000 and they were to return the next day. My mother asked Steve before they left if she should contact her home owners insurance and both Steve and Randy quickly said "no, no, no, we can take care of it!"

On 1/4/19 The 2 men named above along with 2 others arrived at 8a.m. and started the work. An hour after being there Randy told my mother it was going to be a little more money and needed another $2600. My 86 year old mother wrote him another check. Two hours later she said Randy came to the door again and said the job was a lot more than he thought and it would be an addtional $4000.00 My mother said she was scared and didn’t know what to do so she wrote another check. Total of 7,600. Around 12:30 my mother said she looked outside and the men were getting in their trucks and drove away. They never told her the job was done or anything and ultimately she didn’t get any paper work.

Later that evening when I talked to my mother she was shaking and crying and told me what happened. I asked to see the bill which I figured would explain the huge difference between the estimate and what he actually charged her. She said she got nervous and didn’t know what to do so she wrote him the checks but he didn’t give her a breakdown of anything. I called him immediately and started to tell him my concerns. I asked him for receipts and a breakdown of materials and labor and he said we weren’t going to get it that it was none of our G damn business how much materials were and he hung up on me. I called him back and said that was not acceptable and that I was going to contact a lawyer, the news channels and the BBB. He basically laughed at me and hung up again.

I called Steve who is the man that my mother "thought" she hired he was surprised at the price and told me he didn’t know that was how much Randy had charged. When I asked him why he didn’t know he said that he no longer did roofing. I was completely shocked because my mother thought she was hiring Steve and that Randy was an employee . At no time on the initial visit did Steve tell my mother or let her know that he was not the one doing the repairs but Randy Newell was. I asked Steve why they didn’t provide a breakdown of the cost and he said they didn’t have to and also said they DID NOT have any receipts because the materials they used were materials they already had on hand. So I said to him so you basically charged my mother 7,600 in labor? He did not reply. The entire incident is shocking and unacceptable and has my mother a physical and emotional wreck.

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