Prime Technologies

Charles – Sep 18, 2020

Victim Location 77520

Type of a scam Tech Support

They were supposed to help me connect to a TP Link internet extender. They did do that, but tried to charge my card for over $3000.00

I couldn’t attached the $2,600

Michelle –

Victim Location 18914

Type of a scam Tech Support

We have been contacted by phone by people describing them selves as Microsoft Security, and/or other MS representatives and for a short time we allowed them to take over our computer online and they request certain financial info for service payment. They also requested that we send them a check for over $500 to a Box number in South Carolina, which we did not.

During that time our American Express Credit Card was attempted to be drawn on in for over $500 from India (by the way those involved sounded like they were from India). AE contacted us because of the strange circumstances and the payment was denied. Because of all of this we had to change all of our bank and credit card accounts to protect us.

I searched the internet for the Prime Technologies and found that there was a report from South Carolina identifying and outlining this outfit as a scam.

They continue to call us and misrepresenting themselves as MS representatives even lie when questioned. they have continued to call us for over two months even though we tell them to stop and that we are going to report them to the BB.

They have even threatened us to ruin our computer if we do not us their services. In fact shortly after this initial incident our computer would not let us come up and we had to have it serviced and our technician had a difficult time in fixing our , essentially new, computer and had to reinstall our system from the start to eliminate what ever was working against the start up.

This is for your information for your use in protecting others from this scan.

Marissa –

Victim Location 18326

Type of a scam Tech Support

Received a call from Prime Technologies, in Greenwood SC, claiming that my computer was being surveilled (my word) by three Russian thieves (my word) and that I was at grave risk. Panicking, I got my computer and stupidly (but in desperation) allowed the Prime tech to show me. He did show me three such Russian computer addresses. The tech proceeded to tell me that he could protect me for life for a mere $3,789.99, which was a pittance compared to what costs being at risk might bring on. I stupidly allowed a Prime tech to work on the computer. Meanwhile, I used my iPad to check out the company. It was then I found two reports by the BBB, exposing the scam. I called the company the Prime guy mentioned at the outset. I had a contract with that company until 2014, so they knew me. They confirmed that Prime was a scam and offered to take over. When they tried to access my computer, they found that it had been locked by Prime. The only recourse was, with my permission, to wipe my computer clean — ALL files, documents, photos, etc. and start fresh. That is what they did, also installing some basic IInternet programs and security programs. The next day, I realized they had not installed Office. I called Best Buys, from whom I bought the computer and asked them to re-install Office, which they did. In the last three days, Prime Technologies has been calling me several times a day, looking for a check for $3,789.99 for the work done. I said I would not send a check and told them they were crooks. It has been a nightmare, and I flaggellate myself for being taken in. I hope this report helps prevent someone else from falling for the scam.

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