Premium Techie Support

George – Feb 01, 2021

I have been with this support since early 2018, paid my dues. They were helpful with some issues with my computer in the past, but have consistently tried to up-sell me for items I clearly did not need. Now I am getting notices that there will large dues taken from my accounts that I did not agree to, but I can not get a hold of them. my email is [email protected] The phone numbers just ring 3x times and then disconnect. What can I do?

Amy – Dec 11, 2020

I have been with them for a while, paid my dues and now I can not get a hold of them. What can I do. my email is [email protected] All they do is ask for more money . Al my software was perpetual. The phone numbers ring 3 times and then we disconnect. What can I do

Dylan – Oct 30, 2020

PREMIIUM TECH SUPPORT, LLC @ 1110 Gold Street, Van Nuys CA 91405, Customer Service Phone 805-284-9888…sent me a message to my e-mail account stating that my account expired on 10/29/20 and to ensure continued protection of your computer, your account has been AUTO RENEWED of your sevice effective after expiry date for $429.99 which will be valid for the next 3 years. If you wish to cancel and get your refund for today’s transaction $429.99, we request you to call us at 805-248-9888 to discontinue. You are required to deactivate the service before getting your refund. Any reply to this e-mail will not cancel your membership. PLEASE REACH US TO CANCEL. I have been trying to call every 1/2 hour for 2 days and now answer or voice mail. I received a call from them yesterday morning at 10:45 a.m. as I was walking out to go to the doctor. I listened to his message when I got home and it was asking me please call him at the same number above to get my refund, they can not accept an e-mail to do so. Today I started at 8:00 a.m. and as of 11:40 a.m. now I have made 9 calls to them and no answer again. I have a NEW CREDIT CARD coming within 10 days now. The bank cancelled my other one. I don’t know how they got the number. Just SCAM ARTISTS I guess! This is a shame to do this to people. I am a 73 year old widow, handicapped and on limited income. What they won’t do to make an easy living on someone else’s money, right? How can I make sure they can’t get any banking information anymore? Thank you for your help. Theresa Selleke, [email protected]

Logan – Oct 24, 2020

Last yr I had been contacted by them saying my micro soft account was bad. For the low price of $599.00 ,they could fix my computer. No they wiped my computer totally clean. All of my quickbooks etc . I was so upset that night I noticed someone trying to take 5 grand out of my business account. Well every few months they call and say they are having problems so want to refund my money. Please let them in my computer so they can give me a refund number. I’m like getting mad now i mean really mad. They start calling from ton’s of different numbers threating me and this time said they will take 6500. 00 out of my accounts . Good luck with that. They need to prosecute these people.

Joanna – Sep 18, 2020

Victim Location 23324

Type of a scam Tech Support

Dear Valued Customer,


This Email is to keep You Informed in reference to Your Existing PC PROTECT PLAN which will be Expiring Today.

In order to Ensure the Continued Protection of Your Computer, We’ve Auto Renewed Your Services for an amount of $449.99 valid for the Next 3 Years.

However, if You wish to Discontinue the Services or CANCEL Your Subscription and get back the Refund of the Deducted Amount, You could reach Our Cancellation Department at




Catherine – Oct 30, 2020

I was just reading your message above and I was just sent the EXACT same one yesterday. What did you do? Did you get your money back? I cancelled this 2 1/2 years ago because I found out they weren’t legitimate. How they got my account number to (try) to get $499.99, I don’t know. It was from my bank credit card.
I didn’t have $499.99 available on the card so they could not get it. I have been trying to call the number on the message but no one ever answers, not matter how many times I call. I even received a call from them yesterday morning asking me to call them if I want to cancel because they can’t accept the e-mail cancellation and if I want my money back I have to contact them by phone, they gave a number, same as on my message, and still no answer. So far today I have made 13 calls to them. Not even a voice mail. Now I can’t even get an e-mail to go thru. It came back as UNDELIVERABLE.
What did you end up doing? This is the same company that sets the alarms off on your computer with the flashing buzzing horn to call them immediately, do not turn off your computer, you have been hacked or whatever they said it was and to call them immediately. They tried to charge me $350 to fix. They were showing me porn pictures and that was supposedly what hacked my computer. NASTY isn’t even good enough to describe them. I fought with them that I was not paying them this money. Now almost 3 years later, they’re still trying to collect now $429.99.
I don’t know what to do. I hate changing my card. I guess I could just cancel it and get a new one. I’m going to call the bank and ask they opinion. We have been with the same bank since 1995. I’m sure they won’t mind doing this. I’m so happy I found this page and read all the reviews. Your letter is exactly like mine except for the price. Thank you for your time. Stay Safe! Theresa ([email protected])

Anthony – Jul 23, 2020

Victim Location 23324

Type of a scam Tech Support

Dear Customer,

Greetings from Premium Techie Support !

This is a notice to keep you informed that your existing 2 years Term PC protection Plan has been expired.

The amount chargeable from the payment method on the file is $399 and your service would be renewed for next 3 years. We thank you for your continued trust on us. 

However if you wish you can call and CANCEL your service and GET YOUR REFUND for today’s transaction for $399. 

Call immediately on our helpline no. + 1(424) 255-7030 to discontinue 

Premium Techie Support values you and promises to maintain your computer security & services in several ways, including.


Plan    2 years Term PC protection Plan

Order No    KJ656228IJ

Amount    $399

If you would like to review or cancel your subscription with us you call immediately on our helpline no. + 1(424) 255-7030

Note : if any of the above info is incorrect, please call on our toll free numbers immediately and have your information updated.

Good news! There’s still time to cancel, and it’s as easy as ever with these options: Call our help line number + 1(424) 255-7030

Thank You


Finance Team .

Phone : + 1(424) 255-7030

Isaac – Jun 28, 2020

Victim Location 23324

Type of a scam Tech Support



This Email is to keep You Informed in reference to Your Existing TECH PROTECTION PLAN which will be Expiring Today.

In order to Ensure the Continued Protection of Your Computer, We’ve Auto Renewed Your Services, effective within 24 hrs for an Amount of $499.95, which is auto deducted from Your Debit/Credit Card, valid for the Next 3 Years.

However, if You wish to Discontinue the Services or CANCEL Your Subscription and get back the Refund of the Deducted Amount, You could reach us at 800 635 3847 or 916 46 9814.



You are Requested to Deactivate Your Subscription in order to get Your Refund Amount. 





Price: $499.95

Term: 3 YEARS


According to the website: for Premium Techie Support, shows they have a Fraud alert posted and requests that any body who receives an email or phone call claiming to be from them is to report it to them.

Julian –

Victim Location 32034

Total money lost $88,000

Type of a scam Tech Support

Phone call saying as a former customer, which I was, I was due a refund of the $399.00 of the software I had purchased last April because their business was going out of business in the US.The only way they could do the refund was via bank to bank electronic transfer. I tried every other way, credit card refund, cashier’s check in mail, etc., but was told the electronic transfer was the only way. I, with great reservation, agreed. Once we were set up for the transfer, I was instructed we would do the transfer in two transfers of $200 each in case there was a mistake. I was told to type in the $200 in the form on the screen which I did, but when I did it posted $20,000 to my account which I was then accused of stealing money from his company’s account. I was then told that my computer must have a very bad virus that would cause that to happen. I was then instructed that I had to do a bank wire of $19,000 to return the money to an account in Thailand. In the mean time they would work (free of charge) to remove the virus from my computer. During the next 6 days as they were working to "clean my computer", but the virus pulled additional funds, $20,000 and a $50,000 that I felt obligated to return again by bank wires to their accounts. However, I discovered on the following Monday, 7 days after the first encounter, that the money I had been sending by bank wire because of the virus in my computer, was really being taken from my Money Market account at my bank and deposited, by them, into my checking account. Because of the fraud, I lost close to $88,000 from these fraud artists. Any phone # that I used to contact them during that week are no longer in service or now working numbers.

Bonnie –

Victim Location 94558

Total money lost $399.99

Type of a scam Tech Support

pop up kept appering about Mac clean up pro.along with 1year Macafee security free for one year I bit and supposley my issued were clean up and when I called to activate the free security a man answered and sold me a tech support program that whenever i need help just hit the my support icorn and would be in contact with my support person. By the time they got through with the sales pitch I was out almost 700. dollars. Did I was able to get a little over 271. refunded back. partly I believe because of authorzation problem but I am still out $399.99. Now I am getting 3 or 4 phone calls or message telling me some tech. company has been forced to shut down and they must refund my money their ph. # is12092132353 Can.t understand them when you ask who they are they just want your name, I used a fake one and they want me to open my computer. WhenI refuse or tell them they can send a check they hang up .Also primium techi support has changed their 800 number I havn’t tried it. I feel I was scamed and now they trying to do it again

Sharon –

Victim Location 75081

Type of a scam Tech Support





Leslie –

Victim Location 52216

Total money lost $1,125.72

Type of a scam Tech Support

A screen popped up on my computer from Premium Techie Support advertising computer support services. I contacted this group and signed up for their initial investment. I also agreed to a monthly charge for their service. For the next month, I received several telephone calls from Premium Techie Support. I finally asked them to stop calling me. I was told that this was not Premium Techie Support that was calling me. When I challenged this, the person I was talking to finally admitted Premium Techie Support was calling me, they were having problems with their system and the system would be fixed within 2 days. I became uneasy with this so I cancelled my credit card that I had given Premium Techie Support. I heard nothing from them until 2/26/19. I was called and informed that Premium Techie Support was going out of business and they would refund me $400.00. I had to have access to my computer in order to get my refund. I was told to give them my bank account number in order for my money to be deposited in my account. A screen came up on my computer which appeared to be from my banking institution. I did type in my bank account. Premium Techie Support told me my account was invalid and that I had to set up online banking (which I do not have). I called my bank and was told not to do this. I called Premium Techie Support back and told them what my bank said. I was talking with a man who said his name was Stuart Schiffman. This person became very angry with me and told me I was not suppose to tell anyone about this and that he was going to disable my computer and go after my cell phone. My computer screen became black with white horizontal lines. The telephone calls were coming from a number in Alexandria Bay, NY.

I called my bank and stopped my bank account. I took my computer to MacHQ in Cedar Rapids, Iowa to have the malware removed. I cancelled my email address.

Whenever I talked with Premium Techie Support, all the individuals had heavy Indian or Pakistan accents.

I received another call from Premium Techie Support on 3/3/19 from Atlanta, GA. The person identified himself as "Adam Smith".

I do not have the computer skills to know if Premium Techie Support did anything they promised. I did have malware removed from my computer on 2/27-28/19 and the "MacCleaner" symbol was gone from my computer.

Also, when I signed up for these services, I was told not to tell anyone which should have been a tip off for me that this was not a reputable company.

Erik –

Victim Location 79925

Type of a scam Tech Support

I was introduced to a computer repair company on an internet pop-up, The company’ name is Premium Techie Support. The company does not have a listed company address by does provide various telephone numbers to several countries indicating that service is provided outside the U.S.A.. The pop-up claimed that my computer was infected with an antivirus or trojan. The sad thing is that I had obtained their service believing that any information provided between client and technician was confidential as so reiterated on the telephone by the answering technician. I had utilized the service since early 2018 and had established a private "password" to avoid any other technician attempting to get my computer service. Up until December of 2018, I was perfectly happy with the service provided. When supposedly I received a landline call on my house phone claiming that Microsoft had suffered a Zunmai damage to its main computer and that the company was seeking to refund the payment money to all its customers via the internet and that I should call a number provided on the telephone message. To verify the information, I contacted the technician at PTS (Premium Techie Support) or as so called Premium Technical Support. Upon establishing contact over the landline, I was told not to worry that the answering technician would run a diagnostic on y computer and as well get rid of all infections. That when I was informed that I needed a better Anti-virus software as well a virus protection for my internet. I was sold the anti-virus MacFee and for $299.99 I did not get the protection for the internet. On or about the 28th of December, I received a call from PTS advising that my their main computer had suffered damage and that the software was infected. The company was seeking to refund the cost of the software to each its customers via the internet as it was cost worthy in lieu of mailing out certified checks. Somehow or rather, the technician had gotten into my On-Line-Banking and he displayed my checking account where supposedly the balance was over $30,000.00. He stated that I had to return the $30,000.00 as soon as possible because he would loose his job. I went to my bank where I was informed that the bank did not do wire to international companies and suggested that I purchase a certified check. As previously informed, the PTS company would not accept certified checks and that I would have to withdraw the money from my checking account. I did as I was told and awaited for further instructions. With cash in hand, I was to go to the nearest local store where I would purchase shipping tape, a bubbled envelope and a roll of tinfoil. Afterwards I proceeded home where I wrapped the money between two magazines taping the ends not to allow for loose ends. I wrapped the bundle of money with the tinfoil and taped the loose ends as well, Than I finished wrapping the money bundle with old newspaper. I was subsequently instructed to go to the nearest FedEx store where I purchased a medium shipping box and placed the bundle inside. After closing the box ends, I was to inform FedEx agent to mailed the bundle to Hai Zheng residing at 6149 Joust Lane, Alexandria, Virginia 22315 phone 9179305508. After paying a fee of $89.99, I departed for home advising the PTS technician of the shipping number, 785229371986. The following day, I learned that the technician from PTS had transferred the money from my Cd Market Certificate.Checking Account to my Checking Account and that there was no existence of any wire from the company’s bank the previous day. Upon learning that I had been scammed, I requested that all my banking accounts be blocked immediately. At home, I called the phone number 9179305508 which was answered by Hai Zheng and asked if he had gotten the delivery. In an attempt to retrieve the package, I told him that he should return the money to the shipper as the bills were marked. Todate, I have not any package or money.

Allen –

Victim Location 11735

Total money lost $705

Type of a scam Tech Support

premium techie support claim to fix your computer and ask for access to your computer then ask to pay to fix it. I’ve spent over 700 dollars for repairs that were never fixed

Tyrone –

Victim Location 02066

Total money lost $500

Type of a scam Tech Support

last may I suddenly received a message that my laptop computer was about to crash leaving all sorts of valuable information at risk. I ignored this warning as it exactly resembled online scams that I had read about. unfortunately I found I was unable to use my computer. someone from premium techie support already had access to my computer and told me that I needed to let them fix my computer. how they gained access I do not know. anyway I had to relent since my computer was completely unusable. I paid them to install 2 security systems to protect my computer. I absolutely did not sign a contract with them. things went from bad to worse, by September my computer was once again unusable, and they told me I needed to take it to Apple as they could not fix it. I told them I was cancelling their services, and they sent me e-mails assuring me they would cancel their services. now I see they are trying to renew a contract with them (that I never had) for $599.99 for 3 years. they also tell me they fixed the problem, which they most assuredly did not. and of course the sleezeballs will not answer my calls. please avoid this company at all costs. it was the exact type of scam I have read about many times, but somehow they had control of my computer. I should have taken the computer immediately to Apple. please beware.

Gina –

Victim Location 61265

Type of a scam Tech Support

Pop ups with McAfee as who is sending. I call the 800 # off of the pop-up for immediate tech support. I sure hope McAfee is actually on the computer which I origanaly paid for a few weeks ago. They tell you how many sites are being hacked. That these addresses they highlight when they take over computer. I did notice after actually looking that it said not a secure address or whatever called. I am such a sucker even took me to bbb site. I don’t know if they made the page looks like this or what. I did a company search here and what do you know its not listed. after checking the computer I am still safe. I actually thought about it since Im stupid and actually had viruses

Be safe

Kendra –

Victim Location 98107

Type of a scam Tech Support

Phishing Alert

I fell for this scam while reading the local news on my brand new MacBook Pro in late April 2018. Looking back I can hardly believe that I was so asleep a the switch!

PremiumTechieSupport (Teckie? Are you kidding me? ) had entered my screen with a countdown clock stating that my computer was infected and I needed to call right away to save it. (Spoiler alert: For heaven’s sake DON’T PICK UP THE PHONE. But I did)

Stupid me. Forty-five days later after working with the Mac people, the VISA people, the Comcast people – – all really nice, helpful folks – – – I am whole again

However, I need to admit that I was stupid. I must list these scammers at the and in Google so others are warned.

Jake –

Victim Location 49333

Total money lost $750

Type of a scam Tech Support

On Dec 29, 2017 a "Welcome to Mac Ads Cleaner" promotion appeared on my computer. It was running slow so I clicked on the ad and I received a call from "Premium Techie Support that sold me a MAC AWD Cleaner, AMC Silver Package, Advanced Mac Cleaner with McAfee Internet Security from Market Ltd in London, AMC Recurring $4.99 monthly service through Fast Spring for support. These were all separately charged to my credit card for a total of $705.72 at that time after a very lengthy download process. The $4.99 monthly Support service is still appearing on my credit card. My computer did seem to perform better for a period of time and then acted strange with virus type problems and screen lock-ups. Then I received several calls from Techie Support trying to contact me about a refund because they could no longer support my system because of my zipcode. I finally was able to return a call to 877-958-7560 on May 15, 2018 and spoke with a Eric Gomez. He said he would have to return my $700.00 through my Discover card and it was easier to put through my Pay Pal account. He was supposedly deleting a virus and removing what he had loaded to my computer and said he made a mistake and credited $7000.00 instead of $700.00. He was able to recoup only $100.00 from Discover through Pay Pal. In order to correct this so his boss wouldn’t know he had made the mistake, he wanted me to get him $6000.00 worth of gift cards to make up for his mistake and he would overlook the difference for my understanding. Because I said no to that he suggested some kind of Western Union deal and I said no again. He then threatened to delete all my computer information if I would not get him the $6000.00. When I still said no, he deleted some of my desk top programs, info and downloads as well as my photos & music. He stole this from me as well as the initial $705.29 and they continue to hit my credit card monthly for $4.99. When I call the number 877-327-8914 that appears on my credit card bill for FS*PTSupport which is Fast Spring, I get a recording that I have to contact the Company that set up the service. I am afraid to make any contact with them as I got another MacAds Cleaner logo on my computer as recently as today.

I have screen prints/copies of the original transactions with company email addresses and product receipts as well as the PayPal $100.00 gift card transaction that he processed on May 15 while having access to my computer. I believe this whole thing was a fraud from the beginning and would like to share this information and to stop the ongoing monthly support charges.

Brad –

Victim Location 55021

Total money lost $720

Type of a scam Tech Support

I was using my Macintosh laptop when a pop up appeared that stated that I had several viruses from other countries in my computer. I had been having issues with my password so I called the number on the screen. The person did not speak very good English so I was transferred to another person that spoke better English and sounded very concerned and caring about my computer information being stolen. He showed me several computer screens that showed that my Apple Care had been shut off. It all looked very legitimate. He asked for permission to log on to my computer and had me sign a permission form. He told me that it would cost me $400 for security and another $199 for pop up protection. I gave him my credit card number. As all of this is happening, I begin to do some research on my iPad into the company and when I realized it was a scam, I unplugged my WiFi. I contacted my credit card company to stop transactions but they said I had to wait until the charges posted and then I could dispute the charges. I also put a lock on the credit card. The Premium Techie Support people continue to contact me via email but I have not replied to them. When I contacted the BBB to check on the businesses legitimacy, the information provided said that it was a security systems owned by Brian Cotter of Glendale, CA. All personnel that I talked with had accents similar to that of people from India. My credit card was charged over $700.

Phillip –

Victim Location 07821

Type of a scam Tech Support

Fraud pop-up

Led to a site

Started at one price while remote accessing the computer. Then very quickly began upping the price. Was recognized as fraud and credit cards were cancelled. When questioned why the charges were being applied tried to say that no charges were being applied just asking for authorization to apply charges.

Also use the phone number: 877-221-0223

Also use website:

Jeremiah –

Victim Location 14075

Total money lost $700

Type of a scam Tech Support

I thought I was signing up with Macafie internet protection but when I called the number to activate my purchase, I was immediately transferred to India to this company. After insisting that they take over my computer, they appeared to be cleaning up all the malware etc at a cost of over $*** plus an additional $*** to install protection on my computer. After all the hassle of over 2 hrs on the phone, and them charging my credit card, I went to their website and found out they were charging me for 5 devices when I kept telling them I only had one. I kept screaming at the person I was talking to and told him I was going to report him as a fraud to my bank. He kept telling me there was no need to call the bank. He finally said he would refund the $*** however I don’t think he will do that. I have filed a dispute with my bank and have no intention of paying the bill. So far all the company refunded was the $*** monthly additional amount. They refused to refund the $*** because they said they already installed it on my computer.

Lance –

Victim Location 48854

Total money lost $700

Type of a scam Tech Support

Upon opening computer a large text message indicating discovery of malware, virus, etc with a logo and name Macafee. I thought this to be a company I used as protection on a former computer.

Upon downloading and installing the instructions gave me a telephone number to call for technical assistantance to further install. On phone I granted tech permission to take over my computer. It looked as if an official installation process, except it took a long time. I was told I needed two protective systems and a fee for his clean up services.

Only after insistence that my computer control be handed back and hanging up on phone a text was immediately sent that within one minute they would finish. The charge was quickly re-read to me and computer control given back.

Only after hanging up did I get buyer’s remorse and suspicion that I had been scammed.

Hannah –

Victim Location 04092

Type of a scam Tech Support

Computer tech support…said my computer was hacked by someone and they would provide support with cleaning, firewalls etc. And Macafee protection. I paid a $550 one time fee for both. Two months later they said the protection for my Mac computer was not working and they would refund my money and then install a new program for an Apple product…said Wi if was infected as well. But I need to pay another 600 dollars with I tunes cards because that is the only secure payment method because somebody was in my computer. At that point I said no and they have called back several times. Foolishly I let them in my computer the first time they called …so I have purchased new computer and router .

Vanessa –

Victim Location 62919

Total money lost $100

Type of a scam Tech Support

My mother was having problems with her computer and a reimage repair popped up on her computer. They told her to call an 800 number and she did. Then a person on Tuesday 03/06/2018 at tech convicend her that she needed their premium package and spent 2 hours on the phone conviencing her that she needed it. She tried telling them several times no. She then reached out to me her son and i contacted the company and spent 50 minutes asking for a full refund because they stated they did repairs on her computer and I can clearly see that nothing was done to her computer. I ended up talking to a manger named jack and tried several times for a full refund of 500 dollars. They fought with me the entire time and over several attempts told me the best they could do was 150 then the best was 250 then the best was 350 and etc. When it was all settled just to get off the phone i agreed on 400 dollars after several attempts of telling them i wanted the full refund. This company poked and pried their way into a 71 year old ladies pocket book forcing her to pay because they kept telling her she had an outdated version of norton antivirus and would loose everything on her computer. I have an IT background and know for a fact that norton is up to date and carbonite software is backing up her computer so she is safe, however they still continued to push her.

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