Rose & Jackson Associates

Bridget – Victim Location 27360 Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order Consumer received letters from Butter Rose & Jackson Associates, 26 railroad Ave Babylon, New York 11702. Superior database Agency 1488 Deer Park Ave. N. Babylon, New York USA. Telling her she won 3,000,900,000 dollars and to sent 20 dollars to receive the check. …

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Redline Energy

Christina – Victim Location 89107 Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order Redline Energy Drink scam. Had my husband send address info. They sent a few text messages and a check for 2500 stating that he was too get 450 and that he was to send money to someone else for fees for putting a …

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Rose pharmacy limited

Lee – Type of a scam Employment You are welcome You will Earn $35 per hour and paid $20per hour for training. and you will receive your payment via Check or direct deposit. BENEFITS: Rose Pharmacy Limited has significant experience in providing accounting and auditing services to established 401, 403 (b), pension, profit sharing and …

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Preston – Victim Location 68959 Total money lost $60 Type of a scam Online Purchase I ordered 2 hoodies from this website on November 22, I have nit received the items and there is no way to contact them. I have emailed them and nothing back. I try to call the # and it goes …

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Royalty Pups

Candice – Victim Location 63555 Total money lost $500 Type of a scam Online Purchase These people have stolen content from my website and used it on theirs. Their website links back to mine. I’m in no way associated with these people. They claim to have puppies for sale. They do not have any puppies. …

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Remodel bathroom

Emily – Victim Location 48624 Type of a scam Phishing Person said his name was Joe and he wanted to remodel our bathroom. We did not say yes to that–we hung up. At some point, my husband said yes to some question. He had been calling here multiple times a day. Worried that this will …

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Russian Scam

Noah – Victim Location 65807 Type of a scam Investment Dear Sir / Madam, We are oil distributor agency based in Russia Federation. We partner with major and publicly traded oil companies, creating investment opportunities at the ground-floor level to benefit our clients and help secure untapped investment opportunities for our potentials investors and customers. …

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Reed Research Group

Grace – Victim Location 63137 Type of a scam Identity Theft Received a call from the Reed Research Group and they wanted to meet me at a Bank or Police Station. I told them to meet me at Rally’s and they said it would not take much time they just wanted to get a copy …

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rayone tech

Seth – Victim Location 53032 Type of a scam Tech Support While hooking up my new smart TV with my wireless remote I was sent a message on the TV to call this number for tech support;. Unfortunately I lost this number it was done Feb 21, 2019. They did get my smart Tv working …

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Rescue Queen Boutique

Carla – Victim Location 62056 Total money lost $80 Type of a scam Online Purchase She sells items she doesn’t have on her Facebook “business” page and takes your money. I ordered items from her over three months ago and have never received them. She won’t respond to any messages about the items but will …

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Ray Crucette

Courtney – Victim Location 66205 Type of a scam Phishing This number called me and hung up. Even though I knew this would be a phishing phone number, I called back to see if it would connect. It rang a couple of times and someone named Ray Crucette (sp?) answered. He said thank you for …

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Marco – Victim Location 96744 Type of a scam Tech Support Pop up on my computer w/Microsoft screen behind. WARNING! Automated call. Your computer may be infected/your personal information may be obtained-pornographic (gist of recording) Call number w/in next 5mins. Repeated over and over. 877-480-0759 Called 11:58am Sheryl, (foreign accent) hard to talk too. Told …

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Regina Ruble

Caroline – Victim Location 27502 Total money lost $240 Type of a scam Government Grant I’ve received a phone call from a male with an indian accent by the name Regina Ruble discussing that I’ve been selected to received a government grant for $7,849. Then they told me in order to receive the money, I …

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Red Rain Energy Drink

Margaret – Victim Location 92154 Total money lost $1,688 Type of a scam Employment Someone from red rain energy drink emailed regarding wrapping your car for 3 months for $300 a week. It’s a total scam. After receiving a check from them and depositing it into my account, then sending money to a supposedly graphic …

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Renewal Center

Mathew – Victim Location 92057 Type of a scam Utility Letter from Fictitious Business Name Renewal Center 2740 Fulton ave Ste 203, Sacramento, CA 95821. Says business name expiration notice Important, return with $125. Check or CC made out to them gives nice form dates names addresses on Form CA-5 -2016 Gives nice words like …

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Regions Financial Corporation

Alejandro – Victim Location 55125 Type of a scam Nigerian/Foreign Money Exchange Email received re:employee compensation and benefits stating a balance transfer of $2.5 million dollars is being processed through Regions Bank in Alabama and approved by World Bank Swiss. I was requested to provide all my identifying information to complete the money transfer.

Randy – Total money lost $45 Type of a scam Online Purchase I went to this site and ‘ordered’ a pair of sunglasses. Despite them saying I’d receive a tracking number for DHL, I haven’t. I’ve messaged their 24/7 (not very around the clock) customer service 3 times now and haven’t heard a reply back. … Read More »


Kelsey – Victim Location 95076 Total money lost $1,000,000 Type of a scam Tax Collection Scam /fraudment. Ripp off. Unknow employees?

Regions Lottery Inc.

Jillian – Victim Location 79065 Type of a scam Sweepstakes/Lottery/Prizes I received a letter in the mail telling me I had won 500,000. in a International Sweepstakes and Compensation drawing on March 11. They gave me a entry number and said if was attached to my name and matched one of the lucky numbers in …

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Refuses to divulge

Martin – Victim Location 32003 Type of a scam Debt Collections I received a VM on my cell to call this number and that they were a debt collector regarding a debt. I called the number and the woman asked me to verify information after she would give part of the information. I refused to …

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Rephael Shop

Gregory – Victim Location 04005 Total money lost $52.99 Type of a scam Online Purchase Placed an order. They took the money then said they would send an email with shipping info. After 3 weeks i never got an email. Ive sent multiple emails and received no response. Looked up contact number and it has …

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Geoffrey – Victim Location 89128 Type of a scam Employment Answered ad for work at home position on Craigslist. after only speaking to someone on phone and sending them my personal info, phone bills and bank statements to prove I was who I said I was, they then started to open phone accounts and …

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Remkey Consultants Inc / Remington Keaton & Associates

Nichole – Victim Location 33602 Type of a scam Debt Collections Calling collecting on payday loans they do not own, not even their real address. Links to Shipping HQ 716-204-0770 never heard of them, also goes by name of Remington Keaton & Assoc. will threaten to send warrant out if you do not pay.

Recovery Remedies

Dylan – Victim Location 91786 Type of a scam Debt Collections Received letter of collection to right address and surname, but wrong first name. Internet search did not result in any results for either this company not the business they were collecting for.

Resort trip

Jay – Victim Location 98665 Type of a scam Travel/Vacations I answered and she asked "Oh can you hear me, I’m on a headset." Call received on 1/12/2017. She then launched into a "free prize" trip, and I tried to interrupt and then hung up the phone when I realized it was a robocall. It …

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Remote PC

Rodney – Victim Location 44035 Type of a scam Credit Cards I called a Epson phone number about a problem I was having with my printer ink. They referred me to a Tech person. Remote PC This person spent a lot of time in my computer ,she instructed me to do this and that. She …

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