OfferUp App


Category: Shopping

Updated: April 14, 2022

Size: 226M

Many users were skeptical when Offerup and Letgo announced their merger, as they feared that both the applications would lose the impressive performances they had maintained previously.

However, since its release, users have been quick to compliment the performance and the new application’s additional features.

With more than 33 million active users in the United States, Offerup was started as a company in 2011. Even though most features are geared toward mobile consumers, sellers may still upload and make listings from their desktop PCs. However, the majority of purchases came from mobile sources.

A better experience for millions of consumers and sellers has been created with the new OfferUp and letgo app that combines the OfferUp and letgo marketplaces. The merged OfferUp and letgo marketplace, now available for download in the App Store and Google Play Store, features even more deals and buyers and sellers for a larger, better community. With the addition of TruYou & Community MeetUp Spots and postings that never expire, everyone now has access to countrywide shipping and industry-leading safety initiatives like TruYou.


  • Quickly offer your items in stock for sale in 30 seconds, whether you’re looking to buy or sell.
  • Save money on everything from clothing and shoes to furniture and vintage fashion to cell phones and electronics to baby and children’s items, sports gear, used cars, and everything when you shop at OfferUp.
  • You know who you’re working with by using reputation tools like ratings and profiles.
  • Use and browse through thousands of new goods added to the site every day.
  • Use the app to securely communicate with buyers and sellers alike by developing a unique seller profile page for your business.
  • Sort articles by category or region, or search for specific images.
  • Become one of the millions of individuals who use OfferUp around the United States.
  • Please don’t go to the garage sale, and It’s easy to buy and sell directly with OfferUp.

OfferUp App

Updated: April 14, 2022

Developer: OfferUp Inc.


  • Get rid of all the stuff that’s bothering you with a button click.
  • Easily sell your stuff with just your smartphone
  • No listing charges await you, which eases the process.
  • OfferUp has one of the greatest traffic levels of any mobile selling app, with an estimated 17 million visits each month. Nearly 95% of them originate in the United States.


  • Getting sales may seem difficult as the products on the front page keep changing continuously
  • There is a 7.9% shipping fee if you opt for shipping.