Thomas –

Victim Location 52245

Type of a scam Tech Support

I had used MyTechBay services for two years with no obvious problem. The last time I called to have my laptop cleaned, the scammer said he was unable to provide the service because the company was installing new software and their systems were unavailable for routine business. My IT service contract guaranteed support 24 hours / 7 days / 365 days a year and therefore the scammer said I was entitled to a refund. During the process of getting the refund, I was instructed to open my bank account for the money to be wired into my account. When the amount was entered to transfer, an extra zero mistakenly (?) was added to the sum. The scammer became hysterical and after consulting with his colleagues, told me the best way to return the extra money was by purchasing gift cards from Walmart, Best Buy, or Apple that then would be turned over to him. None of the stores was willing to issue gift cards for the large amount. The scammer then instructed me to get a cashier’s check from my bank and take it to Wells Fargo to transfer into the account of Dhiraj Sharma, South Ironwood Road, Sterling, Virginia. Wells Fargo did not complete the transaction because the account was new, the recipient was 19 years old and did not have a Social Security number. The next morning I checked with my bank and the scammer had actually withdrawn money from my husband’s account, which I am able to access, and pretended the withdrawal was the inflated refund that mistakenly had been transferred it into my account.

Geoffrey –

Victim Location 43015

Type of a scam Tech Support

A warning message came up and said to call our Microsoft Support which turned out to be mytechbay. Unfortunate for me, I let the tech person, who I thought was a real Microsoft Support tech, complete a Logmein to find out what virus I had on my computer. I was somewhat stressed at that moment and didn’t make the best decision on this to my chagrin. They wanted money to fix our problem after saying that we had the koobface virus. When I said no, the tech (Suresh Kumar) opened several web pages on our computer with this web link- The number I called was 866-970-3020. Now I have my security provider involved to figure out why it’s antiviral program fail and had to take my computer to Office Max where they found the virus and had to complete a factory reset on it.

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