Taylor –

Victim Location 55119

Total money lost $965

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

At first I was contacted by email stating that I was hired as a mystery shopper and they will send more info by mail. I received a package on 10/4 with an assignment to buy $800 worth of ebay cards. I deposit the money order of $965 into my bank acct. I completed the task on 10/7/19 and sent the email and text to phone 209 791 8160. On Tuesday 10/8/19 I noticed that the money order came back return. I then text phone 209 791 8160 and advise of this. Also that I quit and ask them to not send any more assignment over. They text back said it was a bank to bank error and the issue has been resolved. On Wednesday 10/9 I got another package. Same job however 3 checks of $965 each. I reply to a new phone 815 242 1356 advising that I will mail package back because I am not completing the job. They reply stating I cannot mail back and to finish the job. I then deposit the 3 money orders into my bank on 10/9 and was advised that it is a scam. Today 10/10 I got text message asking if I finish the job. I reply to 209 791 8160 informing that I will not be completing the job, because it is a scam. Also I have report this to the Federal Trade Commission. They reply back what do u mean. I have not reply back.

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