Mystery Shop ps Reporter

Caleb –

Victim Location 11220

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

I have not included any of my info only the city and state. Got an email last week offering a job as a mystery shopper for walmart, CVS, 7-eleven and other stores. paying $125. per day for surveys done on the stores mentioned. I applied and got my first assignment in the mail. it was a letter and a check from supposedly woodforest national bank. I was to deposit the check on my account once check clears I was to withdraw the money take my surveys fee and the rest to sent via moneygram to different names and addresses in TX. instructions also came via text from Jason williams of phone #712-566-6250 his [email protected] the moneygram was to be sent to these addresses.

Kelly Lewis 6323A Spencer Hwy Pasadena TX 77505 a second moneygram to Steven Matthews at same address in Pasadena TX, a third moneygram to Jamie Kennedy 4717 S Congress ave Austin TX 78745 and the fourth moneygram to Cynthia Booker 11020 Leopard St, Corpus Christi TX 78410. the envelope with all of these intructions came from Tephanie Cassandra, FF Service LLC, 614 knoll park dr. Ugar Land TX 77479-6093. As it turns out the bank noticed the scam/fraud and told me the check was fake and got me in trouble and I am being accused of being part of the Scam. Please alert as many people as you can about this. I really don’t want this to happen to any one else out there trying to make a decent buck on the side. attached is one of the letters received I couldn’t attached the second letter.

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