Melinda – Jan 27, 2021

It looks like the United States post office change of address which should only cost $1.05 but then you’ll see your credit card charge of $79.95. When you call they will immediately credit your credit card account, no questions asked.

They claim they put you on a do not call list, forward your change of address to 25 contacts, reduce junk mail and help you save money on utilities.

None of these things happened in the time that the charge was made and when I caught it a week later, upon looking closely at my credit card statement.

Whitney – Feb 26, 2020

Victim Location 28214

Total money lost $80

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I wanted to change my address. Got to what looked like usps and was directed to to change my address. That charged me $80 to change address. They never said the price anywhere until after I gave them all my info. Every other time I’ve changed my address its cost me less then $5. This is a complete scam targeted at people who are who are already spending a ton of money to move state.

Dominique –

Victim Location 80013

Total money lost $79.95

Type of a scam Moving

I went online and typed in "postal address change" and "" came up on the top of the search list. Since it ended with "org" it sounded like the post office because regular companies do NOT have a website ending with "org."

After I opened the website it offered different forwarding options like "temporary, permanent" – it also showed the "Post Office Eagle emblem" – the website is CLEARLY intended to trick consumers into believing that they are at the regular U.S. Postal Service website, especially older citizens who are not used to using computers and the internet. It did say that for this "address change" a fee of $79.95 will be charged!!! WHO in their right mind would pay $79.95 for the address change anyway?

This website is clearly made to mislead people and scam them out of their money! Since I believed it was the U.S. post office website for address changes, I was willing to pay the $1 with a credit card as required. I did not get an email receipt or confirmation either – HOWEVER, about a month later, when I received my credit card statement, it showed that they had charged $79.95 for the "address change!"

I immediately went to my bank to report this as a scam and ask for my money back. I also called the number related to the charge and I asked if they are the U.S. post office – the guy said "we are a third party" – I told him that I never authorized a payment of $79.95 and that I want my money back and that I am going to report them as a scammer. He said that "you will loose" – I kept telling him that they are misleading and scamming people but he did NOT seem to care. They are targeting people with their misleading website – others have also reported them as scammers – this needs to be stopped!

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