My Pomeranian Puppies

Mandy –

Victim Location 28601

Total money lost $225

Type of a scam Counterfeit Product

I found the information for the puppies for sale after a google search for mini pomeranian puppies in NC. I texted the number attached to the ad regarding a purchase. After that a link to their website was provided to look at available puppies for purchase. After texting back and forth I decided on a puppy as a gift for my 10 year old son and verified the dog. The seller told me that I could pay half the cost of the puppy and the remaining upon delivery of the puppy for remaining amount. The puppy was to be delivered to my home supposedly by a transport/delivery service they use. Even though my initial google search was for puppies in NC the seller said they were in Memphis TN. Because of the drive I elected for delivery which a lot of breeders do. Immediately after I sent the money the lady texted me saying she was "sorry" but she could not proceed with the puppy purchase because I did not choose "family/friends" when transferring the money but chose "goods" instead. I attempted to call the seller several times with no answer. I was then sent a text saying she was running late for work and I could get a puppy elsewhere. She could text me while driving but could not answer the phone. I asked for a refund and she said they would send it. However I reported the incident to PayPal and requested to have the transaction canceled. PayPal told me that some sellers of products are trying to avoid the fees charged to them for selling items through PayPal and that’s why they request you to choose "family/friends" option. Also, that scammers will also do this so people have no way of getting their money back for not receiving a service/product if they choose "family/friends". I feel that this is a scam because of how it was handled. I have copies of my texts available if needed. I was also sent messages from the woman after reporting them to Paypal saying I had caused problems with their PayPal account and it was going to be suspended.

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