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Billy –

Victim Location 56554

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

I am not sure how this scam works but they offered emoloyment as an Escrow Manager, and put me trhough three weeks of training. They then sent me $1800 into my bank account, and had me MoneyGram it to someone in Tblisi Georga. When payday came there was nothing, and no contact with the company.

I am not out any money,but they cost me three weeks work with no pay.

Here were the instructions:

Thanks for the confirmation! The task will be to deliver the payment to the seller who’s tasked with purchasing and shipping an antique coin for our client. Usually we’d direct you to a place where you can exchange USD for Bitcoin, however, there are none in the 50-mile radius around your city, and I’ve tried looking for them the whole morning… So the best way to pay the seller now would be by Moneygram.

The instructions are as follows:

1. Please withdraw $1790 in cash.

2. Visit the nearest Moneygram office and send a transfer to the seller. Don’t forget to take your ID with you, as it is required in order to make transfers. Here is the information needed to send the funds:

FIRST & LAST NAMES: Artsem Kastsiukevich

CITY & COUNTRY: Tbilisi, Georgia (IMPORTANT: This is a country, NOT a state!)

Amount to send: $1720 (no conversion to local currency is required, please send USD) | Fee: $70


Don’t forget to double-check to make sure you’re sending the money to a different country, not to the state of Georgia!

Please be careful with the spelling of the recipient’s name! Even a single typo won’t allow him to pick up the funds.

The transfer must be done in person at a Moneygram location due to the limits on online transfers.

Make sure you send the transfer as "10 Minute Service", so that it could be received in minutes. We’re paying considerable fees to make sure our clients and their representatives get paid as soon as possible.

3. Once you’ve completed the transfer, please reply to this message with an 8-digit MG reference number for it here, so that I could inform the seller that the funds are available for the pick-up, and we could proceed with the escrow case. Also, please keep MG receipts for reporting purposes.

You can log off the Web Panel while you leave to get this arrangement done, but please take your phone with you as I or my assistant can call you for an update. You must complete the transfer and send me the reference number by 2PM your time today because of the time difference between us and the seller’s location.

Please confirm receiving the instructions and let me know, if you have questions.

Best regards,

Melissa Best, Supervisor

MyCoin Escrow Team

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