Murphy Johnson

Antonio –

Victim Location 92128

Type of a scam Employment

I was applying on for work. Then a company (point click fish) where I submitted my resume emailed me that the position has been filled and they recommended a personal assistant job that pays $850 per week. I emailed the address and after a few days i received an email from John Murphy informing me about the job. He said the duties are “Running errands, shopping, supervisions and monitoring, scheduling programs, flights and keeping me up to date with my schedule. You will also act as an alternative telephone correspondence when I’m away, Make regular contacts and drop-offs on my behalf and most importantly handle and monitor my financial activities and also making charitable donations on my behalf.” He asked me my address, phone number and email and he said once he gets back we will sign the necessary paperwork. I did send him the information he asked me to. He sent another email asking me if i have any criminal records, if i am under 18 years old and my available days for the work. I also answered his questions. After 8 days he emailed me back telling me he’s been very sick and he’s at the hospital and will be discharged the following day. I received the email at 4 pm but after a day I already received a package from FEDEX with the check (i didn’t open though but i know it’s a check) because he said he will be sending a check tomorrow. And the “tomorrow” day is the day where he will be discharged. So how can he send a FEDEX package if he’s still at the hospital? I received an email from him on the day when i received the package and he told me the package should have been delivered at my address by now. He told me to deposit the check to my bank and inform him when will the funds be available to me so he can tell further instruction what to do with the money amounting $3575.

Tiffany –

Victim Location 34748

Total money lost $12

Type of a scam Employment

I sent my resume to apply for an office assistant position that I found on They replied that the position was filled and to email my resume to this guy for a personal assistant position. He contacted me and reviewed my resume and said he was working out of town and would be back in Orlando to interview me in person July 22 or 23rd. He said he’d pay me $800 per week and would send me a check and list of items to complete with additional funds to cover the extra work and that this was my probationary period to see how well I work and how trustworthy I am with the money

He sent me a check for $3,500 overnight via FedEx told me to deposit it into my bank account and that I would take a few days to clear and that when it cleared to let him know so I could begin working. I deposited the check on Saturday July 6th I believe and today July 11th I was notified by my bank that the account was blocked or had a block on it and so they could not issue me the funds and then returned the check and I was charged $12 for the issue. I have emailed him and let him know what the deal is and what had happened but I have not heard about anything yet she has not responded and now my checking account is $12 in the negative because of all of this.

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