Heather –

Victim Location 71043

Total money lost $2,000

Type of a scam Employment

This is Package shipping scam job the company steals your identity bank account emails and offer you a job at the same time.. I work for 2 weeks never got paid wasted gas and time. Had to get a new bank account number and a credit freeze.. Real life hackers pros and cons. Stay away and watch your bank account!! Company name is MultiSolve us.. If you can reread you will not get paid you will waste time and money doing a job for them they can do… I was fooled lied to and scammed now all my personal information is stolen and getting sold to others to steal my identity..

Hannah –

I believe that my husband may have also fallen victim to this scam. Has Multisolve contacted you? Are you working with a lawyer? I’m just trying to figure out what we need to do so they don’t get away with this. My email is [email protected]

Angela –

Victim Location 70806

Total money lost $150

Type of a scam Employment

This woman contacted based on my indeed application to her company to work from home opportunity. They took my info and tax info and states that I will not be paid until end of month. everything seem to check out but a day before the 10/26/19 date to receive my pay via direct deposit they removed me from their control panel which was the system used the whole month to do the task and job provided and all attempts to reach this Maria Garcia via phone proof fruitless. Very disappointing and now I am so scared to even try again to apply for any more work from home jobs…. Below is just a synapse of the type of email received. They sent packages to be reviewed and re-mailed to my home and I had to send mailing receipts and such as confirmation of job done/completed….

We cannot express how happy we are to have you on our team. Thank you for verifying your delivery address. Please ensure that you continually access your Control Panel, to know when you are given your first task. Also, instructions are attached on how you can complete your assignments during probation. Do not hesitate to ask questions, should in case you have any.

With regards,

MultiSolve Logo

Maria Garcia

Training manager

+1 (617) 936-8908


Katrina –

Victim Location 30060

Total money lost $30

Type of a scam Employment

I was contacted by Multi-solve on Sept 25, 2019 with a work from home position as a "Customer Service and Client Satisfaction Inspector". Apologies to anybody I may offend with this statement but I’m usually weary when the person I’m speaking to has a heavy accent as someone with an heavy Indian accent tried to loan scam me before. Anyway I speak with a gentleman first, he explains the position ask if I could do it and after sends me an email attached with a employment contract, the website and ask for me to sign the contract send a government ID to make sure that the person is indeed me. Everything looked legit, from the the contract, the website and the control panel where they even created login credentials for myself to access the system and see the type of packages I was to receive and or pickup. The contract stated that I was on a "probationary period" so I wouldn’t get paid until 31 days after the date I signed the contract. I picked up and shipped about 15 items varying from tools, cameras, sweaters, electronics etc.I usually keep the control panel open to see if any new task came in but the day before I was supposed to get paid my login credentials no longer work…I still had 2 packages that wasn’t sent so I reach out to my " Manager" Maria Garcia who never responds to my emails but always email and or call me if I got a new pickup but of course no response. I lost about 30 dollars with all the purchasing of the boxes to ship some of the items out. My time has been wasted and I haven’t been compensated for the work I did.

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