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Andres – Feb 27, 2020

I saw an ad on indeed for Adminstrative Assistant from Multiple Enterprises Corp and received a call afterward for interview set up. Their office address is at 891 lexington avenue, brooklyn 11221 and the office space was an abandoned building with scattered chairs all round. A lady collected all my documents including my identification and went ahead to take my picture. After waiting for 45mins for the interview, the lady who collected my documentation latter became the interviewer and said i will receive a call under 48hrs. But i am of the opinion that they are using people’s identification for something fishing. I am planning to go back and collect my documentationalong with having my pictures deleted. This company is a scam along with its parent company named PRECISION SECURITY INVESTIGATION AND MULTIPLE ENTERPRISES CORP are scams. I see people requested for their documents and deleted their information same time i was there.

Fernando –

Victim Location 11203

Type of a scam Employment

On October 31, 2019, I received an email confirmation at 5:08 pm following up with a call from this company name Multiple Enterprises Corp. with a list of documents to bring, address of the company, directions to get there and an option to reschedule if needed. Prior I saw the job posting on Indeed for Office Administration. The interview was scheduled for November 4, 2019, at 2:00 pm. Upon my arrival, I rang the doorbell as instructed on a notice posted on the door to wait for someone to let me in. The girl who let me in wasn’t dress up and in street gear. I sign in and she directed me to sit in front of a table with my back face and one form of application (usually an application has several pages). She asks for my identification and mention she will take a picture of me after for employment identification this wasn’t my first interview and I am familiar with how the process works. The environment wasn’t professional nor welcoming there were chairs everywhere, pieces of equipment on top of each other and barely had any writing about the company in detail posted on the wall except for something typed which was hard to read from afar. It wasn’t what I normally see in an office or facility setting. It looks like a building that was abandoned for a long time or given to someone in exchange for something else. I sat for a while and the girl never returned with my ID. I got up ripe my application a second girl comes up without my ID( If she was the person who was supposed to interview me why didn’t she have my ID and the copy in a folder). Being unease I told the second girl I found another job offer to give me my ID she went back downstairs came back up with my ID and told me if I know anyone interested in doing security to recommend them. I was shocked cause I originally applied for an Office Administration position and the first girl nodded yes when I reassure her and the second girl brought up security something wasn’t right. I want this problem to be addressed immediately I believe in honesty and integrity something this company lacks and should shutdown permanently before they prey on more people who are seeking employment.

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