MSOnline Support

Bradley –

Victim Location 15949

Type of a scam Tech Support

MS Online Support, listed in as accredited for tech support. Phone 800-490-0483 and supposedly based in Dublin CA. Reached me through a message on my computer, purporting to be mac support informed me I had a virus on my computer. Told me to call immediately. Took over my computer, told me it was internally contaminated. It would take 60-90 minutes to fix, and cost $200. Told me they were accredited.

I told them I would go to the Apple Store, they said the Apple Store would not be able to fix the problem. I said if Apple cannot fix, I will call them back. I did not pay them. When I went to Apple they said nothing was wrong with my computer, and that I was the 3rd person today to come in with same story.

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