msn support

Lindsey –

Total money lost $500

Type of a scam Tech Support

A pop up warning that malware detected on computer and should call the above number immediately for tech support to resolve the security issue. They were able to get remote access to the computer to “clean” it and required payment of Itunes and google play cards to complete the task. They already had access at this point and my friend felt she needed to pay it to get computer working again.

Marissa –

Victim Location 83651

Type of a scam Tech Support

these people called and said they were from msn support and my computer was alarming their equipment and they needed to access it to fix the problem. after being stupid they locked me out and for $499.00 they could fix the problem but the code they gave didn’t work to unlock my computer so I called the real msn support group for help and after 3 days we were able to get the problem fixed and also found out msn NEVER

CALLS PEOPLE so beware if they call you.

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