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Samantha –

Victim Location 30901

Type of a scam Debt Collections

I received the call stating that I was about to be served legal papers. The caller asked if I had received legal papers in the mail. "No I didn’t", " if I did I haven’t read them". He gave me a number to call and an extension to dial. The guy answered stating he was a lawyer I need if I didn’t pay him 12 thousand dollars or so that I would my wages would be garnished. At the time I didn’t have a job and I told him that. He continues on about borrowing the money or else I was going to jail. He agreed to with hold any actions until I was able to find work. When I did find work he demanded I pay $100 a week until my debt was clean($844.42) which was my reduced debt after finding out about my medical hardship. I reluctantly agreed. I was in belief that everything was on the up and up until my tax return came. I just knew it was going to be garnished. Because of a lien against me. When it wasn’t garnished I began to get suspicious. If everything is on the up and up I never would have gotten my full refund. Now I see this guy and his company as a debt collector and a scam. By all means not working for the government anyway. Please help me with this matter. I had a legal medical hardship, was hospitalized for almost a year. My credit was destroyed by these kind of people. I need to know if the government is truly the author of this mission, or is this a scam played by a sharp debt collector.

Matthew –

Victim Location 85338

Total money lost $800

Type of a scam Debt Collections

Person by initials AG called me stating the company has been looking for me. He provided my previous address and said it was attempted 3 times to summons me and due to me not being in court to fix issues with a creditor, I was facing my current vehicle’s registration to be canceled. He said I was the main singer to that acct (later realizing it was my ex partner) and I owed a certain amount of money. They were willing to settle with a very small amount and would consider that debt paid in full. I, unfortunately provided them with a money order (red flag) and sent it. I reacted after a clear mind and quickly informed my bank.

Wayne –

Victim Location 35956

Type of a scam Debt Collections

I was told my husband had a summons for court and if didn’t show, he would go to jail. Very unprofessional, use of horrible grammar, and screaming at me.  A man named Anthony James and Crystal left messages and screamed at me. There is no loan that we owe.

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