MSK Sale

Roberto –

Victim Location 60609

Type of a scam Employment

Contacted by persons claiming to be the HR manager for MSK Sale (MSK INC) through Ziprecruiter for an independent contractor position (shipping clerk). Was sent employment contract through email, as well as being contacted by phone by Andrew Ackles. Payment for services was never received and any attempt to email and call the company was a dead end receiving no response.

Calvin –

Victim Location 92009

Type of a scam Employment

I received information on this company through ZipRecruiter. I received a reply for a shipping and receiving job working from home. So I took it upon myself to sign up did all the paperwork over the phone and through computer. They claim to do a background check on you and then they send you a contract for you to sign. After everything is done they setup a dashboard and send you information to how to get on and view the information for when the packages start coming. They set me up at I can no longer access my login.

It took about two weeks for the process to go through. They give you information relating to where to get boxes from and shipping supplies at no charge to you. If there is a charge they claim they will reimburse you. I did not send anything in for reimbursement. You do need a computer, smartphone is fine and a printer. I had numerous packages coming to my house with other people’s names on it a few with mine. The job is for you to take off the old label and replace it with the new label. They ask you to open the boxes and inspect it take a picture with the packing slip and then the receipt once its shipped. I am pretty certain this company is not legit, or they are hi-jacking MSK’s name. I am supposed to get paid today and have not paid me. I have sent numerous emails inquiring on my pay with absolutely nothing returned. I have called 2 dozen times and get a busy signal. The company puts you on a payroll saying you will get paid once a month. Unfortunately, that did not happen for me. I believe this is a scam. I would like anybody that has worked with this particular company to come forward and help me shut this bogus scam down.

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