Moving Services Inc

Amy – Apr 25, 2020

Total money lost $800

Type of a scam Moving

There is a scam moving company operating out of Toronto (possibly other cities). They give you a verbal quote over the phone and when they show up to move your belongings, they get you to sign a receipt which they call a contract. Then they bring your belongings to a parking lot and won’t release them until you pay $1000. They claim to operate under "Quebec Inc Corporation" the contact email address is [email protected] They have multiple phone numbers: 416-471-0807, 416-420-6929, 514-700-2814, 647-267-7105

Katie –

Victim Location 32550

Total money lost $494

Type of a scam Moving

This is additional information to my prior complaint against Moving Services Group, Inc. After some additional research it has come to my attention that the Moving Services Inc company that I believe is under investigation by the Florida State Attorney’s Office and one that you have given an F rating is also Moving Services Group, Inc and Moving Group, Inc. They share the same logo, email address, etc. and their physical address is in close proximity. It appears that they change their location and name once the complaints pile up on the prior company and manufacture positive references soon after they begin the new business so to trap new unwitting consumers. Please take action to get these guys shut down. They have been getting away with this for years. And they don’t even try that hard to hide the fact they are the same company but the unwitting consumer will rarely investigate beyond the review of the one company.

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