Mountain Dew Wrap / Micheal Lawson / Larry Enterprise

Micheal –

Victim Location 13624

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

I received a pkg from Fed-Ex containing a check for $2950.00. I was told to deposit in my bank and send them a pic of the deposit. Then I was told to go to PO and get a money order for $2450 to pay the Expert for the wrap. The remaining $500 was my first payment. Then I was told to take a pic of the money order. Then was to go to Fed-Ex and mail the money order to Larry Enterprise in Elizabeth, NJ. Then I told them that I had to wait for their check to clear their bank , as I spoke to my bank on the matter. If this is a scam, I didn’t want to get stuck. Gut feeling said it was. I informed Michael Lawson of that, as that is who is texting me, he quit talking to me. I also informed him that if the check doesn’t go thru, then it was a scam. He still isn’t talking.

Talk to your bank if it happens… they will help you so nothing comes out of your account!!!

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