Montana Winebrenner

Jorge –

Victim Location 90275

Type of a scam Business Email Compromise


Dont pay attention on my grammar, I am from Romania.I installed mine virus on your OS.Since that moment I stole all personal information from your system. Withal I had some more compromising evidence.The most interesting evidence that I have- its a videotape with your wanking.I adjusted malware on a porn site and after you loaded it. The moment you picked the video and pressed play, my virus instantly loaded on your device.

After adjusting, your front-camera shoot the video with you masturbating, in addition I captured precisely the video you selected. In next few days my virus collected all your social and email contacts.

If you need to erase the videotape- transfer me ***  united state dollar in Bitcoins.

Here is my Bitcoin wallet address – 1DHUFtUuSdWC3ZwjPTZFsDGwDu9w5wDTgc

You have 20 hours from this moment. If I receive transfer I will erase the evidence evermore. Otherwise I will forward the video to all your contacts.

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