Money Key USA

Hillary –

Victim Location 40324

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

I received a phone call from a man named Roman Smith he told me his company was Money Key USA and he proceeded to tell me that I could get a $2000.00 loan at 2.3% interest and pay back $150.00 monthly to total $2100.00. He repeated back to me my name , address, phone #, email acct. Etc.and really sounded liget at first. Then he told me he would put me on hold to talk to his manager. So then another man gets on the phone by the name of Peter Malan, and asked me all the same info again. I never gave my ss# or dob nor any credit score info to these ppl. And they didnt ask for it.. So then Peter tells me that everything looks good and his company could loan me the money but b/c of my credit score it would cost me $50 to get the money. So I asked how did you get my credit score and he said from the application you submitted, which I did submit a couple application online for a loan but not thru money key. Then I asked what was my exact credit score and he said he couldn’t tell me the actual number just that it was bad.. that all he could see was if someone score was good bad or poor, so i continued to talk to him just to see where this went. He asked me how did I want the money via check, money gram, western union, on a card , etc. I said money gram to Wal-Mart. So he tells me a phone number which was the same number they called from and his name again and to go to Wal-Mart call him back to get the instructions on how to send the $50. So I told him okay he said only talk to me when you call back bc I have your file talk to no one else. I thought this to be weird as well. The whole time I am talking to him I am looking at the real Money Key website and the ph# didn’t match nor did the list of states they lend in my state wasnt one of them. So I called the real Money Key # and talked to a lady she told me they didn’t have me on file and she was shocked by the phone call I got. She talked to her supervisor and came back to the phone to tell me do not send them money it is a scam and to make sure you do not have any dealings with these ppl and to report the scam to the BBB. I was very upset so I called the number back to act like I was going to go thru with the process of sending the money to get more info to put in this report. So Peter was on the phone with me and put me on hold so another voice got on the phone supposedly still Peter and I asked is this still Peter he says yes sorry I have a cold and that’s why he sounded different and tells me they will not accept payment for the $50 fee via cards like visa MasterCard etc bc they are afraid they won’t get paid (really!!) and they only excepted 2 cards which are SKYPE CARD OR AN ITUNES CARD for $50 and then he said to purchase the card and then call them back . So I couldn’t take it anymore I told them my husband was a police officer and I contacted the real Money Key and that I know it is a scam. He then told me to listen to him and I completely told him off and hung up the phone. So I know they are trying this scam on anyone they can and I am curious how they got my number and info???. I hope by reporting this no one else gets scamed!!! Also the Real Money Key company was shocked that someone was using their name to scam ppl. They were very helpful and very admit someone is using their name without permission. Thank you.

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