Money Gram – IMPOSTER

Bonnie –

Victim Location 95973

Type of a scam Employment

Got notified the check has Cleared.You have to be on your way to 2 nearest Moneygram stores in your locality,You would be making use of the money gram money transfer service.Your job would be to act as a survey analyst.You would basically run a business transaction at 2 Money gram store and while doing this you would take note of some certain pointers while conducting the transactions.You would get funds across to another two-survey analyst who are supposed to carry out their own assignment.

Note:The most important thing about the assignment is the survey not the transaction you are conducting.So you would pay more than usual attention to every detail.You would tell them at the store that you want to use (Money in a Minute Service – CASH PICKUP OPTION)services when sending each transaction in the amount of $721 & $725 respectively & extra $54.00 to cover cost of MoneyGram Transfer charges for both tasks.

You would be evaluating 2 of the outlets listed below(These are the stores Allocated to you)



CHICO, CA 95926-7200




CHICO, CA 95926-7242




CHICO, CA 95928-6303

You are evaluating the sending services of these stores.

Complete your assignment as stated below:

TWO recipients information whom would be accessing the receiving section of MONEY GRAM services at their respective localities.

Name:Peter Verdon City: Tomball State:Texas Zip code: 77377

Send $721 to him from Store A

Name:Calvin White City: Tomball State:Texas Zip code: 77377

Send $725 to him from Store B

More importantly you would take note of these following pointers and write your survey report while conducting the transaction

i) How long it took you to get services.

ii) Ambiance/Outlook of the Shop/Outlet

iii) Knowledge of the attendant

iv) Customer service professionalism

v) How accessible is the store to the general public

vi) Reaction of personnel under pressure

vii) Information that you think would be helpful

vii) Any additional comments and impressions.

ix) The name and address of stores evaluated.

x) Please rate the Customer Service overall on 5 point scale: (Excellent – 5, Good – 4, Average – 3, Fair – 2, Poor – 1)

The staff would ask you if you know where you are sending the funds to and who you are sending it to,the answer should be "yes" this is part of your assignment and part of the process,but should in case they do not ask you this questions you don’t have to say anything to them.While writing your survey report to us you should specify if you are asked or not because that’s part of the loop Holes we are looking out for.

You are to EMAIL me the details below for our evaluation once task is completed.

1) MONEYGRAM Senders Name as it is written on EACH receipts.

2) MONEYGRAM Receivers Names as it is written on EACH receipts

3) MONEYGRAM Reference numbers and Amount sent for EACH transaction

4) EMAIL Snapped/Scanned Picture Copy of MONEYGRAM receipts.

5) Email all report once task is completed

Kindly Confirm receipt of this instruction.


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