Mitsui Sumitomo Company

Vincent –

Victim Location 79924

Total money lost $15,000

Type of a scam Nigerian/Foreign Money Exchange

A man (maybe) contacted my mother-in-law via Facebook and became her "friend". He went by the name of Mark Welberg (Albert Alex on Facebook). The relationship was friendly and he told her about his work overseas. "He" said that he worked in the oil fields overseas. He came up with this elaborate back story of growing up in Russia and then England. This person created a separate email account ([email protected]) claiming to be the "son of the friend", Alex Welberg, so that his identity would seem legit. This "friend" then one day told her about a suitcase full of money that he needed delivered to the US. All he needed help with was an advance fee (or tax fee) to have a diplomat take the suitcase to the US. Mark’s "company" has been emailing her about this suitcase and the diplomat who is to deliver it. The representative never gives a name but names other individuals who will help process the case via MoneyGrams and Western Union. Then the complications started and money needed to be sent to the "diplomat" because of flight errors, hotel fees etc and to the company for processing fees. She took loans out to help her “friend” which included sending money to a bank in Tennessee (which was deposited back after my husband I got involved and started making inquiries). She also sent 11,000 to different individuals in Nigeria. The $11,000 was reported to the bank after it was transferred and now the bank is investigating. The initiator kept telling my MIL of the gains of her investment in this briefcase and she should not share this info with my husband (her son) until it was over. She has shared many personal details with this individual including the fact that she is a widow and that she had a son pass away because of an accident. This person is still messaging her and “the company” emails her about money she needs to send for this transaction to be complete.

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